Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 3 - Coex Mall - the biggest in Korea - Part 1

Since it was raining the whole day and our trip to Lotte world and Everland was never gonna happen.  The next logical thing to do is stay indoors, time to go to this so talked about mall.  The CoEx Mall.

Nestled above the subway station Syeongsong, location of their World trade center/Expo. It is definitely one of the busiest spots in Seoul, with shops open until 10:30 PM.  And restaurants serving to the wee hours of the morning.  This is not called the biggest mall in Korea by any chance.  This is definitely the biggest, with tons of restaurants that if you tried one restaurant each day, you will be able to try all of them in half a year, yes that is how many they were, I did not even count the kiosks and fastfood outlets that were there.

Now before we set our eyes on the food offered here.  Since this is a mall, what should we do shopping of course, there are tons and tons of specialty shops offering really good products and guess what ,we came at sale time. YES!!! hope I could buy some stuff to bring home.  
Take a look at all these restaurants and their menus:
Part 2 coming...
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