Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Streetdance 3D - movie review

3D movies are "the in thing" nowadays in movies.  We have seen CGI 3D, Live Action 3D, Animated 3D and whatever you may think of that may inspire 3D, there are even 2D films that were converted to 3D films, but fared badly on the box office.  So any conversion from the 2D format to 3D format is definitely a no-no.

I was intrigued by Streetdance 3D, as soon as it hit posters and showed on movie trailers, it was on my list of must watch films.

Up for grabs, the UK Streetdancing Championships, a street dance crew with limited resources are forced to work with ballet dancers in return for free rehearsal space.  With no common ground and passions riding high, the two groups of dancers realize that they need to work together and bring spark to the group to compete at the Championships.

Directed by award winning duo Max and Dania, Streetdance features the cream of UK dance talent, including show-stopping performances from Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity, Flawless as UK Champions The Surge and 2008 winner George Sampson as adorable Eddie.  Streetdance lead actors are breakthrough Brit actress Nichola Burley as Carly, Matthew Bourne protege Richard Winsor as Thomas along with Charlotte Rampling as Helena.

Movie Review

First thought, is it full 3D.  Yes it is, from the intro of the film to the film credits.  Should you watch this? yes and no.  If you love music, dancing, and love to express yourself individually, this movie is for you.  The characters in this movie are vibrant are really great in this field, dancing.  No, because if you are not into arts, then you would want to pass on this movie, though you may be interested how this film was made and how it was projected in 3D.

This particular movie may not appeal to all, but the 3D projected in the film is very good.  Better than other Live Action 3D films that I have seen.  The setting is made in London, UK and you really get a feel that you are there. Strolling along the buildings, it was a virtual tour of London.  The sequences of the dances were very nice and coordinated, just as you would be expecting in such a movie. Now add the 3D effect, you would have to see to find out.  
The plot of the movie is very simple, yet almost predictable.  It is enjoyable to watch as it has it's funny moments, imagine ballet dancers doing street dance and vise versa.  It will be fascinating to watch this in 3D though I know it will also be shown in 2D.  You also have to take note that the accent of the actors in this movie may sound weird, remember they are all British, as we may have come accustomed to the American accent.  Even though the actors may be unfamiliar to us, they can definitely prove their worth and maybe grow a fan base amongst us. Take time to unwind and watch this movie, it will be a treat to watch.
Now showing at all SM DIGITAL 3D CINEMAS and your favorite theaters.
Released by Viva Films.

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