Thursday, July 15, 2010

Snickers Hunger Buster Challenge JOIN NOW and win great prizes

SNICKERS® Hunger Buster Challenge

I love Snickers, it has been in our lifetime for the longest of times, generations I may say.  As a kid, I have always wished for my Snickers, even now that I am already at my 30's, it is still on my list of must-buys from my weekly trip to my favorite supermarket.

Snickers is all about fun.  That is why Snickers has given us The Snickers Buster Challenge, to give us good fun while giving us the chance to win great prizes.  What a good way to give back to our loyal Snickers fanatics.

Join in the latest craze to hit the World Wide Web. The Snickers Hunger Buster Challenge.

Want to win lots of great prizes?  Here’s how it goes:

The citizens of the city of SNICKERS have been robbed of its SNICKERS bar. People in the city are low on energy. We need to find them and give it back to the people.

There will be 2 games to join in for wonderful prizes to be won.

Game 1:
Hunt for the missing/hidden SNICKERS bars to energize the people in the city. Participants who find all the SNICKERS bars and restores energy of the people in the shortest possible time will be winning fabulous prizes!

Tip: practice and practice and you might find your way on the top of the time sheets

Game 2:
This is the Bonus! Hunt for the Golden SNICKERS bars across the worldwide web and get a chance to win yourself a prize! Be on the look out for clues on, Twitter & Facebook on where you can find the Golden SNICKERS bars.

Log on to and rescue the city now! There are more than 100 attractive prizes to be won weekly!  Who knows you might be the one to bring home great prizes!!

Prizes up for grabs: Sony Play Station 3, Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Canon cameras, movie tickets and many more mystery gifts to be won!

The contest is open to residents of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.   
Promo is from 8 July – 21 August 2010.  Join now!
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