Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy..... hopefully never again....

Let us be reminded of our doings and help save the earth before it's too late these videos will be very disturbing, hope it gets through our world's leaders before we breath our last breathe.... LET THIS BE A WARNING!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's help the victims of typhoon "Ondoy"

Donate to the Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations.

Text: Red AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart).

The AMOUNT can be 10, 25, 50 or 100.

For photo illustration, you can check any of the following:



http://profiles.yahoo.com/blog/YZFIZ7E5IOTG3ITZTZTU2O64FY?eid=33VGIgczy3XU uj1f3ZMa1smx0n6rjHEmwc0hDOwLIHMY3KjrcA



Thursday, September 17, 2009

A touching story.... about life

This video shows us that even dogs show love for their lost ones thinking maybe she might still be alive. The female dog has figured in an accident, but the male dog does everything to keep her of harms way. Trying to wake her.

Even though food and drink is given to the male dog, he still brings it to the other dog feeding her so that she may recover, not knowing what the fate of the dog already has... very touching... hope that we people are better at this.

In My Life ... the movie

Got to watch the movie "In My Life" by Star Cinema today, the 2nd day of screening.
part of the ticket price paid for in behalf of Citibank's The Reel Deal. Thanks hopefully we get more of these from all other credit card companies...

**might be a spoiler for you***

The movie house was packed with lots of ladies as well as our gay friends and some guys with their special someone, I guess. The movie overall was good, the storyline was great but I guess since the movie has to meet with the rating of MTRCB, and to make the most of Philippine audience market. The director was limited to just letting the actors specifically the 2 main actors namely John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano do some hugging and lip smack (just 1) in the movie.

The movie was a waste that the director was not fully able to let the actors express their emotions in a physical way as I think would be essential in the film... Vilma Santos was as excellent as she could be, never hesitating on her scenes with John Lloyd, John Lloyd provided the perfect chemistry with her. Luis and John has good chemistry though it would have been a lot better if they were able to stretch out and perform more on the screen.

The scenery was great that provided the backgrounder for the movie. A great mix of light-hearted warm moments to dramatically blockbuster moments forever etched in the hearts of many Filipinos.

Finally for all of the Vilmanians and all other fans of the leading characters... Go watch the movie.... Enjoy! It is not everytime these actors are given the chance to work with each other.

And remember to support our Filipino works and lastly DON'T BE A PIRATE!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's more to life than just work.... happiness!!!!

Today, 9/17/9

Taking note of the advise from my sis-in-law, seems like I'm really tired of my life hmmm... I have to change this.... well let's start with having a positive outlook in life, then next we see the other aspects of life that we are now undertaking...

work... more work... non-stop work.... CHANGE TOPIC.....

life.... more to life..... happiness that got it right!!!!

so what is there to see more in life...... well boy-kuripot did get me started, always keeping a positive outlook in life with many a raffle or promos... well hope you try these guys. and good luck to you all.




Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making life happen as it goes

Today, 9/16/09.

This is the day I start a phenomenon called a blog... hmmm..... this is quite unfamiliar territory for me. I haven't really explored the universe of the web like this... most of my time I spend on chatting, doing internet searches, checking emails waiting to see what life has to offer me. But, it seems life has been passing me by.

I never truly realize where my life is going... I'm here at a my job not knowing where and when I shall be living a truly fruitful life... then it struck me, I have to get on my feet, make things happen, make my life happen before it's too late, we may never know when our we might breath our last breathe. Many a people have died having their own legacy and accomplishments to remember them by. But us ordinary people? What can we do to make us leave even a dent on this world of ours...


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