Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making life happen as it goes

Today, 9/16/09.

This is the day I start a phenomenon called a blog... hmmm..... this is quite unfamiliar territory for me. I haven't really explored the universe of the web like this... most of my time I spend on chatting, doing internet searches, checking emails waiting to see what life has to offer me. But, it seems life has been passing me by.

I never truly realize where my life is going... I'm here at a my job not knowing where and when I shall be living a truly fruitful life... then it struck me, I have to get on my feet, make things happen, make my life happen before it's too late, we may never know when our we might breath our last breathe. Many a people have died having their own legacy and accomplishments to remember them by. But us ordinary people? What can we do to make us leave even a dent on this world of ours...
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