Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Korea Day 2 night - Dongdaemon night shopping and street food hopping

After a trip to Nami Island, we proceeded to Dongdaemon, said as one of the best night shopping areas in Seoul and yes it did not disappoint.  We utilized their subway system, and it was a very busy subway system, with almost 9 lines plying the Seoul city routes and several more train routes.  It is very hard to navigate as most of the characters are in Korean, but sometimes little English translations may appear.  The PA system in the train is so hard to hear since the subway train is quite noisy and the volume of the PA system is soft.
 Look at all those stations

Tip - when using the subway know where you want to go.  There may be some volunteers with sashes on them that may speak a little English that may help during the purchase of your tickets.  There are 2 kinds of tickets to buy.  The single journey trip ticket adds the price of the ticket with a deposit of 500 Won which you may refund when you get off a station, look for the ticked refund device.  The other is the T-Card or T-Money which is like the "Octopus Card" you use in HK, priced at 2,500 Won for the reloadable ticket and then you load it with amounts that you wish.  T-Money can also be used in buses and sometimes even in convenient stores like 7-11.

As I arrived there it was like clusters of buildings (imagine 168 Mall and multiply it by 8) it was filled with so much dress, shirts, accessories, everything that a girl wants.  Let's put it in this perspective, if all of the clothing on sale there was stock piled into a mountain, I am quite sure it will be as high as Mt. Everest, really I kid you not.  Sorry to say I forgot to charge my camera and my shots were limited, and I won't be able to post the pics of the cluster of buildings I said here.  You just have to find out for yourself and take my word for it.  The prices here are at the range of 10 - 15,000 Won which would set you back around P600.00 not cheap as you may get here in the Philippines like in Divisoria or 168 Mall, but quality wise it's definitely better.  What is best about this place is the shopping hours the big clusters open at 10:30 am and close at (LOOK HERE) 4:30 in the morning, maybe not all but they do all the time at weekends.  Take your time as it will be tiring to shop around here.

I was able to take some pictures of the street food available to munch on while shopping, isn't it obvious I love food.
ironed hot squid.... yummy!!
hotdog wrapred in fries... nice idea 2 in 1
cheapest dumplings I found in Seoul, 8 pcs. dumplings for 1,000 Won
they were so good I had 3 orders of this haha
sausages in spicy ketchup like sauce
yes.. insides soaked in chili based soup
you love snails?? try them

Most of the street food that I saw here were very tempting, tried some it and they cost around 1,000 Won to 3,000 Won, yes they taste good and yes some are spicy.

We were also tempted to try this, fried sotanghon with vegetables and intestines and korean sausages like kikiam, with chili paste on the side.  We specifically asked not to mix the chili paste so that we could finish it.  One order like this could feed 2-3 people.  But, when the dish came out it was still so spicy and it tasted good but we were not able to finish it at all.  (Carlos you must be loving this...)  But what hurt us the most was the price of it 18,000 Won.  Such a waste.
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