Sunday, July 25, 2010

Winners place : a contest by a winner Jayson Biadog

Jayson Biadog, a blogger, a winner.  He shares his passion in winning contests and promotions to us.  But best of all he shares his blessings.  Yes, he is having his contest about winners, you can win fabulous prizes just by sharing your own story.

Join his contest HERE

3 winners in all, it could be more than that depends so keep updating on his site:
Up for grabs:

3.)5 PLDT Call Cards

Contest from July 24 to October 14, 2010 his 26th Bday.

see samples of his contest entry on his website:

Good luck to you all and congrats to Jayson!


  1. Thanks a lot Manila Life panalo yung site mu you can join the contest as well. I believe you won a lot already for passion.

  2. waaaah gusto ko sana makasali nga lng LOSER ako eh. pwede bang pakontes ka rin ng loser contest. Anyways sana makasali ako kahit 1 takot ako sa heights 2 d ako mahilig magbasa ng libro at 3 wala akong kilalangmay PLDT pero sana makasali ako para may ma achieve naman ako sa buhay ko... haaaaaaayyy

  3. Darn, its already too late, when is the next promo?



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