Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Smart Buddy features hotpress for free - this month!

We have a new app called HotPress which lets you check the latest news updates on your mobile phone. It's FREE for this month. Please try it out and let us know what you think by visiting m.smart.com.ph/hotpress on your mobile phone browser.

1. What is Hot Press? 

Hot Press service displays the latest world, national, local, sports, entertainment and breaking news on the screen of your mobile phone for FREE!

While your phone is idle, a ticker will appear containing titles of fresh and important news items. Click on the ticker to see the summary of the news article or click on the summary to read the entire article

2. How do I get/download Hot Press?

Simple. All you have to do is visit http://m.smart.com.ph/hotpress on your mobile phone browser to start the download. And guess what, downloading the Hot Press app is FREE!

3. What if my phone isn't configured for mobile internet?

You can actually just text in to get configured! Here's how:
To download 3G settings for FREE, text SET send to 211 (e.g. SET N95 send to 211)

4. How does Hot Press work?

You first need to download and install the Hot Press application in their handsets.

On S60 handset models:

    User receives the information automatically and view the same in the form of a scrolling ticker in the idle screen of their handsets. User needs to press the right softkey "" Hot Press"" on the handset, to go to the application page inthe Handset. Top page of Hot Press client software will appear on the handset The information will be categorized into different categories with 2 topics from each category. When a user chooses the news article he wants to read, the user is requested to subscribe to the service. However, this will be offered for free until August 4, 2010.
On S40 handset models,

    1. A user is requested to launch Hot Press MIDP application first to show the ticker. 2. Steps in S60 handsets to be applied thereafter"
5. Where can I get more information about Hot Press
Please visit www.smart.com.ph/buddy/services/hotpress to get more information, technical stuff and the list of compatible phones.
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