Thursday, July 15, 2010

M&M's Fun Travel Kits Collect them all

M&M’S Fun Travel Redemption

Have you been travelling lately?  Got any dream place on your mind that you might go to?  Well, if you are going to travel then you must travel in style.  M&M’s style.

Be on the lookout, envy others or let others envy you, your choice. Travelling or not, M&M’s proudly present to you M&M’s Fun Travel goodies.  With goodies that you can tag with you when you travel or when you go about your everyday routines.

Move in style with M&M’s cool travel accessories; the M&M’s luggage tag, cool, hip, a must have for your luggage, the M&M’s backpack, adds more fun and life to your everyday travel adventures; the M&M’s Sling Messenger Bag, never ever forget your travel documents with this slick messenger bag and to document all your travels and adventures, and lastly the M&M’s foldable blanket / pillow, my favorite, you just cannot leave this home when you travel, to make you feel comfy wherever you may be.

So how do you get your hands on these limited travel goodies? Easy! Buy M&M’s and collect as many empty wrappers as you can. The more wrappers you collect, the more points you get. Each size of wrapper corresponds to a number of points.  Remember to get the ones you love first so that supplies won’t run out on that item. You can redeem the wrappers for points for travel accessories that you will absolutely love!

Collect them all and travel in M&M’s style.  Kids of all ages and adults how young or old they may be would definitely love this.  So collect your wrappers and get these lovable items.

Redemption Period is from 15 July – 15 Oct, 2010 or until supplies last.
Premiums can be redeemed in 135 selected USSI in GMA, North and South Luzons.

For more info you may reach them at:
M&M's Fun Travel Promo hotline (632) 709-4847 
Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm.
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