Monday, August 29, 2011

Thank you Global Pinoy

Today is National Heroes Day! In celebration of our forefathers who fought for our freedom during the wars.  The father of our nation Dr. Jose Rizal, who has made a name and even has monuments and buildings built in his honor in China and even in Europe.  Highly respected and a man of honor.  

And the late Ninoy Aquino who gave us his life for the good of the Filipino. But now the heroes of today are our Overseas Filipino workers, giving their all with sweat and blood, so that their families in the Philippines would be able to live a comfortable life.  And because of our OFWs they account for the country's economic security of 17 billion USD in remittances and a 12% GDP rate for the country.

But how do we say "Thank you to a hero?"  How do you give back to them the sacrifice that they have endured so that the Philippines can still live today in this economic downturn.  That is why the Commission on Filipino Overseas, Duty Free Philippines, Good News Pilipinas and Kraft Asia and Toblerone are stepping up to the challenge by announcing the opening of nominations for the first Thank You Global Pinoy Awards.

Duty Free Chief operating Officers Mr. Lorenzo Formoso explains, " We have always been committed to satify the shopping needs of the international traveler in an efficient service environment showcasing the filipino traits of warmth, hospitality and gratitude. We support the Thank You Global Pinoy Awards because it is good channel to promote our intrinsic Filipino traits of showing appreciation".

The Thank You Global Pinoy Awards will invite nominations of outstanding overseas Filipino workers who deserved to be thanked.  Participants will have to log on to to register, nominate and vote for the ultimate Global Pinoy.  The top 10 stories will be awarded in January 2012.

Be part of a grateful nation, join the rest of the country as it honors the ultimate global pinoy whom a grateful nation will say a resounding  thank you to.  For more information as to how to nominate your hero, visit

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