Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have you met BEA?

Have you noticed that ATM like machine by the side of the teller when you have recently visited your neighborhood BPI bank?  No it's not an ATM machine, it's not even a payment facility.  She is BEA, patiently waiting for you as you make the first move, and she welcomes you with a cheerful greeting.

BEA, which stands for BPI Express Assist, is one of the newest, pioneering innovations being rolled out by Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to its branches to serve their vast customer base.

BPI Express Assist - the country's first fully-automated transaction assist platform - allows bank customers to enter transaction data and needed service on touch-screen machines for a wide range of transactions including cash and check deposits, withdrawals, bills payment, BIR and SSS payments. A queue no. is then generated, and will wait for the teller.  This transaction is then automatically transmitted to the teller, ensuring accuracy and cutting down processing and waiting time.

This is indeed an innovation to behold as it garnered the best branch automation and networking award at the 5th Asian Banker Technology Implementation Awards Programme held in Hong Kong last April.

With BPI Express Assist, BPI again raises the bar in servicing clients a the branch, and gives the customer more flexibility in doing business at the bank as well.  And in celebration of BPI's 160th anniversary BEA is definitely a milestone and sets the bar high for all other institutions to be envied upon.

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