Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Greenwich barkada days

I miss my barkada.  I miss the days when we used to hang out at our favorite malls, chatting the night away.  I can even remember skipping classes and how we teased with our crushes. Ah those were the days.  But with all the technology and the internet nowadays, its a sad fact that we rarely get to meet up.  It's now more of a question as "'Are you online?" " Will we chatting up on the net later?"

But why should today's best things hamper our good times together.  So finally I tweeted my barkada to say it's time to meet up!  Everyone seems to like to idea, specially when I told them that we were having Greenwich pizzas!!
And yes we were there in a flash!  Calling out our favorite pizzas, pastas like lasagna and baked macaroni. It has been a while but we seem to notice that the prices of their menu seemed to have come down, which we all very happy about, so that we get to have more money to spend during our next meet-ups here in Greenwich.

One more thing, their pizzas are better than ever!! With their new hand tossed pizza dough, which gives that very "tinapay" taste of the pizza crust was something really refreshing and delicious to eat.  And with that we ordered more!!! haha could you blame us?

You can also check out Greenwich’s Twitter page and TWEET UP to MEET UP to get free pizzas and pastas as you enjoy fun face-to-face time with your friends.

There will be one lucky winner everyday!  Check out Greenwich on twitter @greenwichpizza or their facebook page for details.

Enjoy your favorite pizzas and pastas now at presyong-kaibigan!
Double-size Overloaded Pizzas for only P199!
-Ultimate Hawaiian Overload
-All Meat and Cheese Overload

Double-size Classic Pizza for only P149!
-Ham and Cheese Classic
-Hawaiian Classic
Snack size Lasagna Supreme for only P79 and full size for P99!

Pasta Supreme Meat Plates for only P149!
-Chicken Carbonara and Premium Beef Strips
-Lasagna Supreme and Jumbo Crunchy Chicken 

So it's time to meet up, have some pizzas at Greenwich and have a good time.  Best of all, without putting a dent on your budget. Let's enjoy some time with our barkada with a personal touch , sure beats chatting at Facebook, would you say?

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