Friday, August 26, 2011

22nd Philippine Travel Mart at the SMX

The PHILTOA, or the Philippine Tour Operators Association is going to offer some of the best travel deals during the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart on September 2-4 at the SMX Convention Center. These deals will be offered during the “Sale ng Bayan” segment of the expo.

Not only will there be tour packages exclusively available at the PTM, there will also be educational seminars for those who are interested in learning about the current trends in the travel industry. For the younger generation, there will be a Tourism Quiz Bee, which encourages friendly competition among its contestants as they find an engaging way to know more about the Philippines.

With its numerous activities, fun games, and great travel deals in store for everyone, the 22nd Philippine Travel Mart is a must-visit for people who are looking for a perfect vacation spot where they could unwind and have fun with their friends and relatives.  See the best of the Philippines and see the beauty that has been with us through the ages.

Let's not be a stranger to our own tourist destinations.  With great packages and rates, we can enjoy the best for less, and be proud of our own.  Mind you, tourists and foreigners have been flocking to our country marveling at our sights, let's welcome them and be welcomed ourselves.

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