Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye Traffic with News 5 and MMDA's Traffic Navigator

What if you would know where heavy traffic occurs and avoid it to get to your destination faster? What if you can show your friends that taking a particular route gets to your destination at the least possible time, and What if you can know real time updates as to where you should take your ride to.

What if I tell you it is all possible!  Yes it is possible with News 5 and MMDA's Traffic Navigator.  In support of the governments efforts to have more PPP (Public-Private Partnership)projects to help give the economy a boost, News 5, the news arm of TV 5 and MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) under the guidance of Chairman Francis Tolentino, holds true to their promise to provide the best public service of one of the most basic information every Metro Manila citizen should know, Traffic.

On August 1, TV5 and MMDA launch the easiest and most effective way to view the traffic situation in Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares—the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator. TV5's five-month old online news portal, InterAksyon.com, powers up the site that can be accessed via www.interaksyon.com, or http://mmdatraffic.interaksyon.com/.

The Metro Manila Traffic Navigator is the first of its kind in the country, providing digitized traffic information system that lets motorists and commuters view the traffic situation around the Metro in real-time over the Internet.  The traffic navigator empowers people with information and technology and gives them an instant control — not just over traffic, but over their hours and lives.

The Traffic Navigator covers traffic along six major roads: EDSA, C5, Quezon Avenue, Espana, Roxas Boulevard and South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) via system view, line view or on Google Maps. The MMDA Metro Base updates the situation for no less than 67 intersections every 5 to 15 minutes.

TV5 also announced the release of InterAksyon.com’s iPad and iPhone app, which will come bundled with easy, instant access to the Traffic Navigator.

Following the release of its public beta version last June 29, at least 6,000 drivers and commuters have been using the TV5-MMDA Traffic Navigator everyday.

The Traffic Navigator’s information design is easy to understand and gives users access to the macro and detailed views of the traffic situation. Online users can also share the traffic situation via Twitter or Facebook with just a click of an icon.

Regardless of the operating system, the Traffic Navigator will run and is optimized for any PC-based or mobile browser. It will run on Windows, Macs, Linux machines, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows Mobile, Opera, and any web browser already installed on mobile gadgets.

Moving forward, the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator will soon have more routes to cover, more updated road conditions, and as stated by MMDA chairman Tolentino hopefully the flood situation as well especially during these rainy days.  Thank you NEW 5 and MMDA for this much awaited public service to the Filipino people.

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