Friday, August 12, 2011

Be Closer, be confident with Ultimate long-lasting freshness only with Close Up Fire - Freeze

Today is the day, I get to try Lazer Tag!!! Together with a group of blogger friends, we geared up, practiced our moves and brushed our teeth.... haha, yes we brushed our teeth, with the all new Closeup Fire-Freeze.  

Closeup Fire-Freeze is the newest innovation and the most ambitious gel toothpaste ever to hit the market.  With its Ultimate Long-Lasting Freshness, you can be sure, you can get close with confidence.  It has a dual gel that gives you that warm and cold sensation, a mixture of extremes as the red gel kills odor-causing bacteria while the blue gel gives you that ultimate long lasting freshness.  It has made waves all over the world, capturing the awe and jealousness of other gel toothpaste brands of the market.  Truly this is an innovation that was envied by all.

So after we brushed, the group had a blast of a time playing lazer tag, with all that action going on, what would you think of the freshness of our breath?  It has been 2 hours since we last brushed, but I still feel clean and you can practically taste the freshness on your mouth, and it can give up to 12 hours of freshness in just one brush.  Yes, I can attest to that.  With your regular toothpaste, you only get freshness for the first 30 minutes, and if it permits, you would go back and brush again, just to keep your mouth fresh smelling.  But with Closeup Fire-Freeze, you don't even have to mouthwash, that's how fresh you would feel with Closeup Fire-Freeze.  It's just like you had your teeth cleaned by your dentist.

So try Closeup Fire-Freeze and get that Ultimate long-lasting freshness, confidence to be closer.

Grab a tube of Closeup Fire-Freeze in local supermarkets, groceries, department stores, and selected convenience stores and drugstores nationwide. It is available in 3 pack sizes: a 50ml tube, a 100ml tube at and a 150ml tube all at reasonable prices. 

Like it? Or love it? Try out the new Closeup Fire-Freeze and tell us what you think on Be sure to visit and like Close Up on Facebook for more promotions.

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  1. i love lazer tag! But I love closeup fire-freeze even more! 



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