Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's Your Shell V-Power Diesel Story?

Your first time trip to Sagada with friends. The day you hauled your things from your old apartment to your dream house. An off-road adventure of a lifetime you will never forget.
Every diesel-car owner has an unforgettable story. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.
Especially now that Shell V-Power Diesel has arrived in the country, giving diesel lovers improved performance, whatever they drive. More power, more memorable driving moments.

So we ask you, what’s your Shell V-Power Diesel story? All diesel-car owners with a valid driver’s license are eligible to join. Simply upload a photo of your best Shell V-Power Diesel experience and describe it in 500 words or less. The more creative, unique and rich your story is, the better.
Each valid entry entitles a participant to receive Shell V-Power Diesel premium items. Senders of the ten best entries will be chosen at the end of the promo for the chance to vie for a brand-new iPod Touch. The nine other finalists will each receive an iPod Shuffle.

Read the mechanics for full details. So send us a snapshot of your best Shell V-Power Diesel story and let everyone know how powerful of a driver you are.


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