Thursday, October 28, 2010

My SSI Super Sale loot

Just in case you were out there somewhere and have not heard of the SSI (Store Specialists Inc.) Super Sale, Powered by Citibank happened last Oct. 21-24, 2010 at the PICC Forum tent.  Here are some of the pictures I have taken of my loot... not that I was able to go, but my wife was there 3 days in a row!!  So, she was quite a handful picking for me.  And was it a steal.
 Springfield sweater from P 2,850 - bought it at only P 970.
Zara Man Jacket with knitted back and sleeves from a whopping
P 5,750 - bought it at P 745
Zara leather boots of my sister from P3,650 - bought at only P 495

There was quite a lot to shop around, but since it was a big sale, everybody was lining up and everybody wanted to buy something.  So it was getting quite crowded as well.  My wife got a Paul and Joe lipstick from the original price of P 1,600, bought it for P 750.  Overall it was a wonderful way to start spending for Christmas presents as well.  And my jacket will be used for my trip to Taiwan by the end of the year.

Now if you want to see how and what was going on those days I suggest you take a look at Animetric's World pictures and blog entry, and to showcase her loot as well.  Since all this happened last week, I suggest you keep a look out for the next SSI Sale, who knows it might just be a few months ahead.  

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