Thursday, October 28, 2010

Axe brings you Fashion Week

AXE Men: A Cut Above the Rest

Looking good isn’t only defined by the way you dress up and carry yourself.  When a man smells good, he leaves women intrigued; scent can stimulate a sensory experience to stir their interest and tickle their imagination; in turn, their response to him can boost his esteem and confidence.

Inspired by the sensual and intoxicating fragrances that women like on a man, AXE has continued to shape men’s fashion and lifestyle attitudes by coming up with a constant stream of new ideas to keep guys a step ahead in the mating game.  AXE arms men with irresistible fragrances to go with good looks and a stylish appeal. Proving that indeed “first impressions last,” a good scent on a well-dressed man can be his essential fashion ace-in-the-hole.

Nothing could be more stimulating than being at your best, just like the good-looking men who will be headlining the AXE Show in the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week Spring and Summer 2011.

The week-long event, which will run from October 26 to 31 will mark AXE’s debut in the Philippine Fashion Week. It also marks the first time that a renowned fragrance brand has participated in the prestigious event.

The AXE collection will showcase the brand’s 2011 summer and spring men’s wear collection featuring the masterpieces of 10 designers: Anthony Nocom, Bang Pineda, Frederick Policarpio, Jesson Capuchino, M Barretto, Nico Agustin, Odelon Simpao, Ramon Favila, Ricky Abad, Simon Ariel Vasquez, and Ulysses King.

Here are some shots of last night's Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011.
Marc Nelson hosted the evening's events.

See how fragrance and fashion unite in the AXE Show during the Philippine Fashion Week Spring and Summer 2011.

Thanks to AXE and GMCI for the invitation.


Why the Need for Axe Body Sprays?

According to studies, women are naturally attracted to guys who smell good.

But when you’re involved in any physical activity, or when you’re just outdoors in hot, humid conditions, your body is bound to perspire and give off malodour.

Sure, you applied an anti-perspirant deodorant on your underarms. But other parts of your body such as your chest, neck, back and arms will still sweat. And when sweat interacts with bacteria on your skin, you’re going to smell.

This is commonly referred to as “amoy pawis” or “amoy araw” – the sour, vinegary odour that comes from sweat in your chest, back, neck and arms. 

When that happens, you lose your chances with women. To always be on your top game, you need something to counter malodour and keep you smelling great all day.

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