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Traffic Re-routing in the Metro on Nov 1, 2010

November 1, All Saint's day is a day off our busy schedules to visit our departed loved ones.  May it be the temple where we left the urns, the memorial parks where we built their estates, or our homes where we are one in reminiscing and praying for the souls of our dearly departed.  May you have peace of mind and pray to God for guidance and strength, and let us all be safe.

Here are some re-routes for cities that have cemeteries so that you may follow the flow and hope for lesser traffic.
Traffic rerouting set for All Saints Day

By Abigail Kwok

MANILA, Philippines – Police will be implementing a traffic re-routing scheme on November 1 and 2 near cemeteries in Metro Manila as motorists are advised of heavy flow of vehicles and to take alternate routes.

In its advisory released Friday, the National Capital Region police office said the following roads will be affected:
- vehicles coming from the north and bound for Manila going to Pier North will take C-3 towards JAS or Radial Road.

- all Pier South-bound vehicles from the north shall take D. Tuazon or Mayon Street towards España/G. Forbes or to Quiapo as alternate routes.

- vehicles intending to proceed to the North, South, La Loma and Chinese Cemeteries from both north and south of Manila shall take the stretch of Rizal Avenue from Recto to the city limits.

- public utility vehicles (PUVs) coming from Rizal Avenue and bound for North Cemetery should take Cavite, turn right at L. Rivera or Isagani then right at Antipolo.

- if coming from Retiro Street, vehicles should turn left at Blumentritt then left at Makiling to get to the North Cemetery, while those coming from Dimasalang should turn right at Makiling then another right at Maceda.

-- PUVs from España bound for La Loma and Chinese Cemeteries shall take AH Lacson, Tayuman, Blumentritt from Cavite to Aurora Blvd., and take either Rizal Ave. or JA Santos. Vehicles coming from Quiapo, Sta. Cruz, Tondo and Caloocan shall take JA Santos or Rizal Avenue.

Additional police personnel will also be deployed at the vicinity of P. Ocampo Extension to the gate of the South Cemetery for traffic direction and parking control measures.

Vehicles going to the Marikina proper will have to take eastbound lanes while vehicles going to the Loyola Memorial Park (LMP) shall take westbound lanes and turn left to the western lanes of the Plaza to LMP. Those going to LMP via Entry Point shall turn left at Paspasan Road, right at G. Puyat Avenue then right at the main entrance at Gate 2 at LMP.
Exiting vehicles from LMP shall take Gate 1 via the eastern lanes of the plaza then left at A. Bonifacio Avenue to get to their desired destinations.

Meanwhile, vehicles bound for Himlayang Pilipino in Quezon City will use Himlayan Avenue and will exit at the back via Philand Drive Subdivision. The St. Anthony School Road leading to NAPOCOR Village may be used as an alternate route.

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  1. I just experienced one of the worst traffic flow today. I think that making November 2 a non-holiday is going to make things worse for those who are aiming to go home to their respective provinces...everyone's rushing...



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