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9th Italian Film Festival at the Shang

The 9th Italian Film Festival at the Shangri-la Mall Cineplex

Premier lifestyle destination and patron of culture and the arts Shangri-La Plaza in partnership with the Italian Embassy and the Philippine Italian Association offer another pleasurable treat for mall goers via the Italian Film Festival on October 21 to 26 - just one of the many events lined up for Dolce Lingua, Dolce Italia a local celebration of the Italian Language Week.

Indulge in an exciting lineup of critically acclaimed Italian films at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 4 for the 9th edition of the Italian Film Festival.

In Se fossi in te (If I Were You), Andrea, Bebo and Cristian, three discontented men meet at a beachfront restaurant to have their lives transformed into the lives of the people each one admires.

A brilliant 35-year-old homosexual joins forces with a woman who seems to be the living symbol of traditional values in Diverso da chi? (Different from Whom) in order to win the mayoral elections in a conservative northern city. What both did not anticipate is the growing attraction between them.

Notte prima degli esami (Night Before the Exams) revolves around the story of a boy at the brink of closing a chapter in his life. Luca is about to leave high school after passing his exams. He meets the girl of his dreams then but loses her to someone else. But they seem destined to meet again and in a totally unpredictable way.

Investigator Grazia Negro hunts down a serial killer in Almost Blue, with the help of a blind young man who has the ability to intercept the killer's voice through the internet.

Si puo fare (We Can Do That) is the story of former trade unionist Nello who has been sent to run a cooperative of mental patients and his quest to provide them with skills to make a better life.

In Cosi e la vita (Such is Life) a small time criminal escapes the trial court and ends up 'kidnapping' his escort -- a young policeman who is also a frustrated aspiring writer and an aspiring inventor of toys with another police car chasing after. As they continue their journey, these men become friends and find out that things aren't always how they seem.

Tenebrae (Unsane) follows an American writer who arrives in Rome only to find out that somebody is using his novels as an inspiration, and even as a means of committing murder.

Tre uomini e una gamba (Three Men and a Leg) is the tale of three friends journey to the villa of their vulgar but very rich father-in-law. They have with them a work of modern art: a wooden leg worth millions. And along the way, all hell breaks loose.

A female police officer is trying to capture a vicious serial rapist and killer. The problem is that she suffers from La syndrome di Stendhal (The Stendhal Syndrome), a psychosomatic disease that causes her dizziness and hallucinations when exposed to the sight of artwork. When the killer lures her inside the famous Uffizi museum, her troubles really begin.

A light-hearted 'comedy of errors' Dillo con parole mie (Ginger and Cinnamon) finds Stefania and her niece on vacation in a Greek resort. The niece is decided that it is in this 'isle of love' that she'll be losing her virginity to none other than her aunt's ex-boyfriend!

Three struggling actors in Milan decide to stage Cyrano de Bergerac in the film Chiedemi se sono felice (Ask Me if I'm Happy). But the moment rehearsals began, a series of unforeseen events occur causing their friendship to fall apart.

La ragazza del lago (The Girl by the Lake) is based on the novel "Don't Look Back" by Karin Fossum and follows the investigation of the kidnapping of a six-year-old girl by a young farmer. In Riprendimi (Good Morning Heartache), two filmmakers make a study out of the live of Giovanni and his wife Lucia. The film study though is suddenly shattered as Giovanni walks out on his wife and child right in front of the cameras.

L'abbuffata (The Feast) is the story of a group of young, aspiring filmmakers from Diamante, a small town in Calabria, who flee to Rome to pursue their dream and stumble upon a renowned French actor who just may provide them a lucky break.

Ovo sodo (Hard Boiled Egg) is protagonist Piero's coming of age story. Here we meet the people who changed his life -- from the teacher who pushes him to study, his best friend Tommaso, and his great love Lisa. Piero journeys through disillusionment and compromise to finally find his place in life.

Aside from the anticipated film showcase, the Dolce Italia, Dolce Lingua festival has other special activities in store including "Antonioni, Visconti, Fellini e Pasolini: straddling cinema and Literature," a lecture by Italian writer and journalist Mario Fortunato followed by the screening of the film The Leopard directed by Luchino Visconti on October 20, 10:00am at the Shang Cineplex Premiere Theatere.

Cinema 4, Shangri-la Plaza
October 20 (Wednesday)
OPENING NIGHT (by invitation only)
7:30 PM Three Men And A Leg

October 21 (Thursday)
1:30 PM If I Were You (1:40)
4:00 PM Hard Boiled Egg (1:40)
6:30 PM The Girl By The Lake (1:35)
9:00 PM Good Morning Heatache (1:33)

October 22 (Friday)
1:30 PM We Can Do That(1:51)
4:00 PM Ginger and Cinnamon (1:49)
6:30 PM Different From Whom (1:48)
9:00 PM Unsane (1:50)

October 23 (Saturday)
1:30 PM Almost Blue (1:35)
4:00 PM Ask Me If I'm Happy (1:40)
6:30 PM The Stendhal Syndrome (2:00)
9:00 PM Such Is Life (1:48)

October 24 (Sunday)
1:30 PM Night Before The Exams (1:40)
4:00 PM Unsane (1:50)
6:30 PM Ginger and Cinnamon (1:49)
9:00 PM Three Men And A Leg (1:40)

October 25 (Monday)
1:30 PM Good Morning Heatache (1:33)
4:00 PM The Stendhal Syndrome (2:00)
6:30 PM If I Were You (1:40)
9:00 PM Ask Me If I'm Happy (1:40)

October 26 (Tuesday)
1:30 PM The Girl By Lake (1:35)
4:00 PM The Feast (1:42)
6:30 PM Such Is Life (1:48)
9:00 PM Almost Blue (1:35)
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