Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get the best deals in town!!!

Recently, there is a new marketing platform now making waves on the net.  It has been a hit in so many countries and now it is the Philippines.  It is the so called "community coupons".  What are these community coupons?  

These coupons offer deals to us consumers at a special price, which you cannot buy outside of the program.  Most of these deals offer discounts of up to 90% in some cases.  Bear in mind that you have to be a member of the program to purchase the said deals.  Since this form of marketing is only in its infancy, they all offer free membership, and what's best some of them do offer you cash credits for every referral you bring to the program.

Here are the some of the programs I have joined and also purchased some promo vouchers from them:

Click on the logos to register and get the best deals in town, register to receive email updates on new promos and great discounts.

These are some of the sites offering great deals.... they are all legit, and most of them use PayPal, so no worries.  And one more stipulated among these sites is that, if the company or organization closes down and that you have brought a coupon for that particular company.  They will return your money for vouchers / coupons not used. 

Happy Shopping and Grab the greatest deals in town!!

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