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What makes women swoon? Nico tells us...

Nico Bolzico dishes out insider tips and never heard of stories that make him one to watch out for

Nico Bolzico stands out from the crowd—quite literally sometimes. The tall, brawny Argentinian with wavy hair and a big smile has a vibrant personality that is enough to capture people’s attention. With his sense of humor, it comes to no surprise how he continues to win the hearts of netizens, making him an instant social media star.

We have known Nico for his funny posts coupled with witty hashtags and hilarious pranks he pulls on his wifezilla, Solenn Heussaff. You have surely seen the video where Solenn was about to dry her hair only to find powder blowing out stright onto her face. That was epic!

We know we are always going laugh at his jokes, like and share his posts, and anticipate for his next pranks. But what else is there to know more about Nico? 

We dug a little deeper to learn more about the witty Argentinian who makes the Internet a happier place and found out some cool facts!

1. He starts his day as early as 6 a.m.

As they say, successful men begin their day early. Nico gets up from bed when the clock hits 6 o’clock in the morning, and kickstarts his day with a cup of coffee while he feeds his pet turtle, Patato who is equally Internet famous as him. Then he spends an hour working out before going to work. No wonder why he is so fit!

At night, he makes sure to come home before 8 p.m. for dinner. Lights off starts at 11 p.m., which means that despite his busy schedule, he still manages to have at least 6 hours of sleep. He has mastered the art of balacing his time between being a husband and a businessman, which is just one of the many reasons why he is a cut above the rest!

2. He’s afraid of spiders!

Nico shares the same fear with many of us as he is scared of itsy bitsy little spidey, too! As someone who takes those quirks and faces things with humor, we hope to see how he would freak out over spiders in his next video post! Yes, ladies and gents, he’s human too!

3. His nephew named his pet Patato.

We did mention his pet turtle, Patato, right? Patato was actually a gift from his close friend. That is why he would say, “I didn't choose Patato. Patato chose me.” 

If you are wondering why he would name a turtle Potato, well, you have his nephew, Kayden to blame for that. Nico calls Kayden Dr. Patato, who obviously passed on the nickname to his pet turtle! 

4. He’s a farm boy-turned-businessman-turned-social media star. 

Before his social media fame, Nico was a farm boy in Argentina who now manages his own company specializing in agriculture technology. He says, “One thing that my parents have inculcated in me is being a hard worker. We're farmers so we begin work very early.”

While we recognize him for his wit, antics, humor, Nico personally wants to be acknowledged for his hard work. For sure, his business know-how and determination keep him on top of the game.

5. He has 72 horses!

You might have seen him and his wife ride horses but who knew he actually owns 72 of them.  Nico enjoys spending time in the stables whether to take care, play, or bring out one of the 72 for a ride. He loves his horses so much that he often jokes that he looks like one. We see the resemblance, though—at least on his smooth, wavy hair that is as thick as a horse’s mane! 

6. His smooth, wavy hair is well-nourished with his favorite go-to shampoo.

Let’s be honest about it. Nico’s fresh, wavy hair is one of his best assets. It is not surprising to know that behind his clean, well-nourished mane is Head and Shoulders Cool Blast for Men shampoo, which he uses each time he takes a shower because aside from how it protects his head from dandruff, he also loves the feeling the menthol gives off.

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With Head and Shoulders Cool Blast for Men,  you can be as cool as Nico with clean, fresh-looking, and nourished hair.  Take note, guys! To the women out there—this is something you might want to give to the men in your lives. 

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