Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tuason Racing School takes the lead in road safety

With the increasing incidence of road accidents in the country, Tuason Racing School (TRS), a prominent name in local race training and motorsports organizer, has made road safety program its core advocacy and corporate social responsibility initiative. 

TRS, headed by champion racer JP Tuason and his wife Jeanette, started planning the program in 2003. After extensive research—studying books and relevant resource materials, speaking to industry players, and taking a class with the United States National Safety Council—TRS organized its first course, which consisted of a one hour lecture. 

“We started running corporate defensive driving programs and taught about 150 people in our first year,” JP says. “We now train over 5000 people a year.” 

He adds, “We have always wanted to give back to the motoring industry, which has sustained us all these years. So we took the other side of our racing school and studied road safety as an advocacy we could take on. Furthermore, we believe that starting everyone at the basic level gives a better understanding of what is required to become a good driver.” 

So whether the trainee is a non-professional driver, taxi driver, or even a bus or heavy equipment operator, TRS has a program that’s tailor-fit and appropriate.

Tuason, who enjoyed an international racing career that span for almost 30 years, used his motorsports experience and incorporated some racing skills to everyday driving techniques. “This is one of the unique things in our courses, we used that same approach to teach road safety and racing, making it more practical and skill focused.”

Today, 13 years later, TRS has developed several modules consisting of both lectures and hands-on exercises, with students consisting of drivers of varying skills and experience. The interactive lectures run from 1 to 3 hours, and there are whole-day programs that include driver assessments and skills building, with written examinations and actual driving tests. 

TRS is currently working with hand and hand with different companies to be able to offer free classes to schools and public utility drivers, as part of its advocacy. 

For busy people, TRS launched an online platform that gives the same basic road safety information but in a format that can be done on-the-go. 

Recently, TRS took its road safety program abroad, conducting its first class in Sri Lanka in November. At total of 150 corporate shuttle drivers participated. This is to be followed by a motorcycle road safety program to be in Thailand.

Indeed, road safety is an important issue that needs to be seriously addressed, and one way is by producing drivers that are more aware and equipped with the proper skills and know-how. And there’s no better partner than Tuason Racing School in bringing the cause of road safety forward.

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