Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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It is now the time of the year when we share our love, open our presents and the best thing of all??  Christmas Parties!!  Yes, just as we were all thinking of what to have on our Christmas party, like exchange gifts and raffle stuff but one thing never slipped my mind, FOOD!!! For the whole event to be more than fun, great food is a must.  

Then we thought of fried chicken, check; grilled fish, check; lots of pizza, check; oh and yes dessert, one thing my colleagues in the office just can't get enough of are doughnuts, not just any other doughnut, one and only one can satisfy our craving and that is Cello's Doughnuts and Dips.  But oh wait, how can we get someone to buy our favorite treats when we still have work and oh don't forget the traffic mess that is out there!!!  Good thing we had one of those magnets on our pantry ref that says QUICK DELIVERY, and as I browsed the restaurants they serve, yes!! Cello's Doughnuts and Dips is there.  But wait, its 1:00 pm and everyone has to go back to their stations to work.... now we don't want to get fired do we?  Good thing Quick Delivery is now available online and what's great about it is that they now have the (GOS) or the Group Ordering System.  Perfect!! Now everyone can make their own selections and order them online! Isn't that great!!
Now how do we do this?  Let me guide you so that you can also reap the benefits of Quick Delivery.

a.) First you have to register (first time user), or sign-in (existing user).
b.) Fill up the necessary details including delivery address and tel. nos. ( you can change this when needed)
c.) And when you're done you can start ordering!!! That simple right.
d.) Now how do I let my colleagues know that I am making the order and would want them to send and confirm their orders well, what we need to select the GROUP ORDER TAB, then add their names and emails on the colleagues list, there you can indicate how much or limit their orders just in case, and also the system sets a time and date at which you can change your order, when the time is up then the order is finalized and sent to the Quick Delivery for processing.

e.) After placing my original order, an email is sent to everyone on the colleague list and being given a link at which they could access the Group order form, indicating as well the orders of our other colleagues just to check if maybe they ordered the same as well.  You can have Quick Delivery put a label on each food so that everyone will know which one is theirs upon delivery.

f.) So as the set time for ordering has ended, A CSR called up in around 5 mins. confirming our orders and our payment methods, we can use cash even credit cards, now that's convenient.  

Then came our moment of joy!! Our order has arrived.

  So hot and so fresh, just perfect!!

 Thank you Quick Delivery for making our day!

So for fast and dependable delivery service look for or call 2121212 open 24/7 for all you delivery and group order needs.  Just in time for the holidays!!

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