Friday, December 17, 2010

Insurance Experts : your new way of getting insured - the better way

 Are you tired of your old insurance company? Tired of empty promises of proper service and customer satisfaction, then this is the answer to your problems.

Insurance Experts Agency founded in October 2006, aims to be the next big thing in Insurance, paving the way for, incorporating all their knowledge and skills in the field of insurance and molding them into one.  Reaching out to customers and providing the best service that they can offer.  Joining in one site, the best and finest in the insurance industry, such as Prudential Guarantee and Assurance,;Standard Insurance Company, Inc; Pioneer Insurance; MAA General Assurance; Federal Phoenix and BPI MS (available soon) so you can be rest assured of quality and dependability, most of all credibility.

Their promise, Customer support, We guarantee 24/7 availability.  We will be there whenever you need us.  Whats great about this you can get a quotation anytime of the day!! Pay via PayPal, Gcash or Smart money.  And then you're done!! Wait for your policy to be delivered to you.
 Owner Richard Licup Ng, is very sincere and dedicated to serve all his loyal customers.
It was a night full of laughter and prizes as shown above with Roch and Jonel receiving their prizes.

Visit for the best deals in insurance coverage.

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