Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The iPAD is now in Manila!!!

Starting Dec. 17, 2010

After all the hype, all the black market sales, all the contests that you have been joining and have not won in any, save yourself the hassle and get one, THE BEST WAY!!!  Power Mac Center, an authorized Apple Reseller is finally bringing the iPAD to the shores of the Philippines.

Now the next question how much would it costs us.  Here is the price list so that you can have it prepared for as your Christmas gift!!!
                                16 GB           32 GB               64 GB
Ipad + Wifi            P 23,990        P 28,990          P 33,990
Ipad + Wifi + 3G   P 30,990        P 32,990          P 40,990

Now that the Ipad is here, would you buy it now?  If you really want it then get it, I mean if resources are available and the only time to buy is now.. right?  But if you can wait a little longer, rumors are circulating that the Ipad 2 will be coming out in the first half of next year, with more features and cameras, but still they are rumors.  So it's all up to you.  Merry Christmas Gift to you!!!

And if get one then Congrats to you, if not at least you know.
Check out branches of Power Mac Center if they still have it in stock before you go.

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