Sunday, December 12, 2010


Can you see the phone on this side of this post?  It's the new Nokia C7, ssssshhhhh don't tell anyone ok? 

I'm letting you in on a little secret.  This phone is packed with features and beautifully crafted so that onlookers will stare at envy at you.  Other than the most basic features a mobile phone offers, it also packs a lot of advance features that it can make your PC and laptop a thing of the past.

Don't tell your friends ok?  But you can access all your social networking sites with ease and mobility with the Nokia C7's Integrated Social Networks feature.  You can get live updates from Facebook and Twitter directly on the home screen. What's best is that you can update your status across all you social networks at the same time, and post comments and photos directly from your cellphone.  Now that would be a breeze.  Surprise them with so many packed features that you will never be off the loop with news and things to come.

Oh how I envy those who will get this Nokia C7 as they will never be lost with the help of its GPS enabled Ovi maps that guide you through your travels, and guess what it carries an 8-megapixel camera to boast of great pictures wherever they may be.  I guess by now, you can tell all your friends about Nokia C7, as this big secret won't remain a secret for long.  Everybody wants one and so do I.  I truly deserve this Nokia C7 as it change a whole aspect of my life. I can be connected to anyone, anytime, anywhere with just flick of my Nokia C7.  

I presently use a Nokia 6600 slide, sad to say it does not have WIFI capabilities limiting my mobility and connection to my friends, how I wish Nokia could fulfill my Christmas wishlist and grant me my Nokia C7.  It will replace all my tech things in one sitting, and it will be my best companion whenever I travel as it will replace my laptop, my camera, and all other techie stuff I usually bring with my travels.... Oh how I want you this Christmas, My Nokia C7. 

I promise to be good next year with my Nokia C7.

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  1. Ibang klase talaga kasi ang future ng Nokia C7! Good luck po sa contest!



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