Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eveready: Salamat at nandiyan ka

I remember that fateful night!  It was a night that I will never forget.  Maybe it is still fresh from your memories "Ondoy" the single most devastating storm that have hit and paralyzed the metro for past 50 years.  I was trying to find my way home.  With the whole metro on blackout, and almost all of streets flooded, there were not many options.

You can see people all over the streets, crying in sorrow, feeling helpless and don't know what to do.  Trying to save and salvage what is left of their homes, looking and trying to contact their loved ones wherever they may be to see if they are safe.   

As I was nearing our home, the water was still waist deep and I am sure our house was deeper as our house was a little lower than the rest.  Worse comes to worst, I came into our front door and the water was almost chest deep, I had a hard time wading through the dirty waters, hoping I don't swallow some.  I opened the door and only complete darkness was what I can see, then I remembered I had an Eveready flash light with me which I had just bought a few days ago.   Thank God, I had brought it with me.  I put on the batteries and there goes the light, finding my way inside the house was a breeze as I can avoid hitting my floating appliances.

There I find my wife on the second floor of our house waiting for me.  Thank God she is safe. 

Thank you Eveready for being with us through the years. For being there when we needed you the most.  Thus I pledge to be Laging Handa with Eveready.

Feel free to visit their Facebook page.

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