Friday, November 19, 2010

Meralco's Youth Program : TechKNOWlogy

Much of  people’s lives revolve around technology simply because it enables  them to live more conveniently.   From laptops to cellphones, to hand-held music players and on-the-go devices which allow  access to the social network, technology has inevitably become part of human activity.  Whether in the office, school or in the comfort of their own homes, it is truly indispensable. 

Technology empowers people.   It drives them forward.  Tasks become easier and faster to accomplish. They get instant entertainment when they need a break. Things that had seemed unattainable are now within reach and readily available.  Electronic gadgets have become inevitable in  people’s daily lives that Meralco decided to develop TechKNOWlogy.

TechKNOWlogy is Meralco’s youth program which aims to empower the youth by educating them about the latest trends in technology and helping them maximize the use of electronic gadgets available in the market.  It’s dedicated primarily to college students and young professionals.  These are the segments who actively use electronic gadgets and highly depend on techie products for school projects, work, and even for entertainment and leisure. 

The program uses Facebook as its primary communication channel.  It can be accessed at  It features new trends in technology and the latest gadgets in the market.  Fans of the TechKNOWlogy also get tips on purchasing, using, and taking care of their gadgets.
The page may also serve as a hub where they can share their knowledge and opinions and discuss relevant topics.

Aside from the Facebook page, the program will have other activities such as gadget fairs, contests, etc.  The youth just have to prepare themselves to get high with technology or simply, be hi-tech

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