Monday, November 22, 2010

Absolut 101


ABSOLUT Vodka continues to create unique experiences as it hosts exclusive and intimate training events, giving value to the special partnership that ABSOLUT Vodka has with consumers in the international creative community. ABSOLUT 101 is a short course on the art and appreciation of quality vodka. Special guest speaker, Beverage Consultant and Brand Ambassador Bjorn Olsson, aims to pass on the amazing legacy of ABSOLUT Vodka, and cultivate the individual creativity of its consumers.

ABSOLUT Vodka, the third largest international spirits brand in the world, proudly hosts ABSOLUT 101, an informative brand seminar for fans and consumers to better understand their favorite ABSOLUT Vodka.  We were given a taste test to help us differentiate and appreciate the different flavors of Vodka,

ABSOLUT Vodka history dates back to 1879 when it was first made by Lars Olsson Smith, whose signature portrait is found on the medallion featured on every bottle of ABSOLUT. ABSOLUT Vodka was introduced to the global market in 1979, and since then all ABSOLUT products are produced in their one and only source--Ahus, Sweden. The raw materials that make ABSOLUT Vodka come from the surroundings, such as winter wheat, which are grown in the nearby fields, and water from the own well of ABSOLUT--deep down in pristine aquifers, unreachable by pollution and impurities.

ABSOLUT has been renowned with its brand values, which are defined as Clarity, Simplicity and Perfection. All ABSOLUT products, despite the wide range of variants, are clear yet distinct to the taste. ABSOLUT production method requires continuous distillation for hundreds of times to remove all impurities to the point of perfection. The reason behind this is so that ABSOLUT will always taste the same, despite location of consumption.

With memorable events like these conducted by ABSOLUT Vodka, not only do they strengthen the personal bond with its consumers, they also benefit seasoned establishment owners as they now know how to serve and best enjoy ABSOLUT vodka creating memorable experiences with every bottle.

Absolut Vodka Ambassador Bjorn Olsson, the ultimate man
to make the best concoctions with Absolut Vodka
Björn Olsson is currently the Beverage Consultant and International Brand Ambassador of ABSOLUT VODKA. Olsson has been a recipient of notable awards in the field since the dawn of his career. He was the winner of the International Martini Grand Prix Final in 1991 and was awarded the "Big Beverage" prize by the Aperitif Magazine in 2001.

From 1993 to 2000, he was the president of the Swedish Bartenders Guild, and from 1999 to 2005, he was elected Area President for Europe International Bartenders Association. And has numerous awards
for several cocktail competitions.

Olsson believes that joining the Brand Education team of ABSOLUT VODKA gives him a chance to share his knowledge and feelings for ABSOLUT VODKA, which is considered the most vibrant and dynamic brand of this business. Today, he lives up to his vision of passing the legacy of ABSOLUT knowledge and honing creativity with the various seminars he has hosted all throughout the world.

It was a night of great revelations and now I appreciate ABSOLUT Vodka more...
A fantastic dinner was also served to all the guests courtesy of Republiq Cafe at Resorts World Manila
Absolut now comes in different flavors to complement all the cocktail drink concoctions to satisfy all the Vodka needs of the world.

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