Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Madz About Love Here and Now

More heart than all the love songs
A Christmas concert for the youth

High school girls spend Saturday “sleep-in” mornings teaching little kids about their faith. College ladies spend Friday “gimik” nights discussing person-centered fashion with their friends. Young professional women fill their Saturday “me-time” afternoons attending activities focusing on how to be a good team member and a better worker. 

Were the first three sentences hard to believe? Why, they’re happening already—through the efforts of the SEC-certified, non-profit, non-stock foundation known as KALFI. The thrust of the Kalinangan Youth Foundation, Inc., (KALFI) is to propel the holistic development of young women through its many study centers located near schools, colleges and universities.

To complement the formation young women receive in school and at home, the family-like atmosphere fostered in KALFI’s study centers encourage the youth to do something more, to take on more challenging roles and responsibilities, because they can! Young women are empowered not only through the talks, seminars and formation activities they attend, but also by the good influence of the many friends they make while participating in these activities. This empowerment is best described through KALFI’s motto: “Together, we dare to differ and do things better.”

It is the commitment to the growth of these young women that pushes the Philippine Madrigal Singers, one of the most awarded choirs in Asia and in the world, to raise their voices in concert this Christmas: Still Madz About Love Here and Now is a musical and cultural extravaganza that has more heart than all love songs combined! Still Madz About Love Here and Now aims to raise funds to support KALFI and the youth.

For the concert, Christmas carols, pop love tunes, and Filipino favorites are lined up to delight the ears and the hearts of all listeners young and old alike. And since Christmas is the season of love, Still Madz About Love Here and Now is an occasion to spread love, not only by sharing one magical night with loved ones amidst angelic voices (including that of acclaimed singer and composer Mr. Jose Mari Chan), but also by supporting the cause of KALFI, forming young ladies to be women of competence, good values and strong moral fiber.

It takes a great deal of nudging for young ladies in general to give up “sleep-in” mornings, “gimik” nights, and “me-time” afternoons… but for the young women who keep coming back to KALFI’s study centers, the deed isn’t actually “giving up” but “trading in”—KALFI inspires the youth to be, like the MADZ is with music, madly in love with life! After all, how can one have the heart “to dare to differ and do things better” if love is nowhere in the equation?

Tickets are available in all TicketWorld outlets or call (02) - 891-9999.  For more information about the concert, visit the website at To read more about KALFI, visit the website at

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