Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Manila Bulletin goes 3D.... and beyond!!!

*Best viewed with 3D glasses
On September 24, 2010 the country woke up and got a dose of good news accompanied by photos in vivid, three-dimensional colors, the first 3D newspaper in the Philippines. Along with the historical newspaper came 3D glasses which allowed readers to see their favorite newspaper with a new set of eyes.
From that day on the Manila Bulletin, the nation's leading newspaper, has fully embraced the advancing media technology; setting the bar in meeting the needs of the future generation.

Take the Manila Bulletin Wherever You Go

And now a first in the history of newspaper publications, Manila Bulletin gives you an iPad application that allows you to access the newspaper using your favorite Apple gadget. Also, anyone with an internet connection can access the e-paper at www.mb.com.ph

The First in the Philippines
Being the first to go 3D and rolling out an iPad application, the Manila Bulletin truly is a pioneering newspaper which has the courage and foresight to try new things for its readers. Innovative and full of spirit!!
The Manila Bulletin is looking forward to reinventing itself in view of the changing demands of present and emerging readers. But it never forgets the strength of its heritage of accurate, truthful, unbiased, and timely news.

The Manila Bulletin, a pioneer in the newspaper business started in black and white in 1900 and went full color in mid-90s, has vowed to continue to innovate and adopt to the changing world of technology to serve the nation better to be truly the exponent of the Philippine progress.
For more information, visit www.mb.com.ph or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKApkrUn2x4.
Download the iPad application here: http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/manila-bulletin-mobile/id393490275T

Thanks to Manila Bulletin for paying host to a wonderful launching party at Picasso Residences in Makati.  The most esteemed bloggers were invited to partake in a special get together with Manila Bulletin executives and bosses. And what made the evening super special??
from a dare that made me dizzy afterwards, I had to finish 3 full glasses of red wine...
the fastest among 5 contenders... that may be easy for some, but for me who's not a drinker hmmm, but in the end, I was still not tipsy enough, that I can still walk straight and drive my car.

Thank you Manila Bulletin for my early Chrismas present and Nuffnang Philippines for organizing such a wonderful event!!!  Now I can see Manila Bulletin on my Ipad everyday!!

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