Tuesday, December 7, 2021

raven puts a refreshing spin on ‘90s indie rock with catchy new single “Lika Na”

In a music landscape populated by personalities who turn familiar music trends into sleek new forms, raven seems to be ahead of the pack. The young singer-songwriter/producer has built a reputation for experimenting with various music genres, from hip-hop to bedroom pop, from lo-fi to acoustic, from R&B to ‘90s indie rock. But what sets him apart from his contemporaries is his ability to tap into the zeitgeist without compromising his vision as an artist, making considerable amounts of artistic leap in less than two years after being signed to Sony Music Philippines and being taken under the management wing of Rico Blanco and Balcony Entertainment.

On the commercial front, raven has attained some level of success with the crossover performance of his previous singles “Paraluman” and “S.U.K.I.” To date, the multi-faceted artist has amassed more than 7 million streams and an average of 294,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, opening a new lane for breakthrough solo artists whose material appeals to the streaming public and casual music fans.

This year, raven continues to channel his passion and energy into accessible but well-crafted earworms. His latest single “Lika Na” puts a refreshing spin on ‘90s alternative rock and early 2000s power-pop, and turns little thrills of romantic adolescence into an inspiration. Confiding romantic earnestness over an explosive chorus and melodic, punch-drunk guitars, the talented newcomer embraces the touchstones of the past while carving a special place for his own kind to thrive.

According to raven, “Lika Na” serves as a love letter to a ‘girl’ who has endured several heartbreaks in life, but is deserving of genuine happiness and love. “It’s hard for someone to trust and believe in second chances, especially after experiencing pain after pain. This song wants to bring light into someone’s darkness, hoping to dry those tears away with new memories.”

The track’s feel-good message not only helps in tuning out distractions and unnecessary stress, but also motivates listeners to embrace the brighter side of life. Its enduring positivity makes sense in an era that badly needs both break and reprieve, especially with listeners turning to lighter, more inspiring songs for comfort.

The song is written and produced by raven himself, with guidance from music mentor and co-producer Rico Blanco and sound engineer Emil dela Rosa, who has mixed and mastered critically acclaimed albums by UDD and other artists. “I was heavily into Beabadoobee and ‘90s-influenced indie rock when I wrote this song,” raven shares. “I’m thankful to sir Rico and sir Emil for helping me turn this music vision into a reality. It’s one of the most memorable tunes that I’ve worked on so far.”

As for the track’s instrumentation, raven and Rico Blanco played the guitars, with the latter also doing bass duties, and Luke Sigua manning the drums.

The euphoric tune is accompanied with a music video directed by Daniel Aguilar. Shot with nostalgic glow and warmer colors, the visual narrative takes you back to the days when life was simpler, and spending time with your loved one is enough to complete the day.

“The concept is built around teenage romance, with scenes inspired by prom nights, talent shows, and late-night dates,” raven explains.

“Lika Na” is also the title of raven’s upcoming debut EP, which contains familiar hits and two new songs. It will be released soon via Sony Music Philippines.

raven’s latest single “Lika Na” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide. Watch the music video here.

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