Friday, December 3, 2021

BLASTER essays the profound sadness and grief of celebrating the holidays on new song “PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA”


Filipino experimental/alternative artist BLASTER redefines the Christmas tune canon with a new single that essays the profound sadness and grief of celebrating the holidays in the time of pandemic.

His latest offering “PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA,” out today via Island Records Philippines, is dedicated to countless of people whose lives were hit hard by unfortunate circumstances, and are dreading of how challenging the days might be—be it experiencing Christmas with the loss of a loved one or abandoning expectations at least for this season’s run as a way of coping.

“This one is not really about celebrating Christmas,” says the eclectic singer-songwriter and producer. “It’s more of a tribute to those that we’ve lost, and a nostalgic yearning of how Christmas used to be.”

While BLASTER’s “PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA” doesn’t fall under the conventional holiday songs that articulate the merry warmth of the yuletide spirit, the modern day anthem gives a sobering reality to some folks who happen to experience Christmas in a different light, recognizing sadness and nostalgia as they find a way to rise above life’s obstacles.

With production by BLASTER himself and Max Cinco, “PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA” retains the sparse but innovative musical direction that the prolific artist is known for. But what makes it extra special is BLASTER’s ability to cut across universal themes with a balance of accessibility and experimentation.

“I decided to make it sound old and new, while maintaining some classic melodies in the mix,” shares the Disko Forever act. “I’ve also incorporated some electronic and synth elements to give it a more contemporary flavor. In terms of lyrics, Dan Tanedo helped me with writing the song.”

The holiday track will be accompanied by a music video featuring a compilation of old Christmas videos from the 80s and 90s.

BLASTER’s “PASKO’Y HINDI NA MASAYA” is out now on all streaming platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines.

About Blaster

With a knack for making experimental pop music that is characterized by immutable prettiness, BLASTER is set to show himself as a solo artist. As the lead guitarist for his former band IV of Spades,  Blaster has  endeared  fans  and  peers  in  the  industry with  his  inventive  but  technically adept musicianship.

Outside  of  his  work  with  his  former  band,  Blaster  has  worked  with  several  artists, including doing  production  work  for  alt-R&B  artist dia maté on the luscious summertime tune, “Dream,” and jamming with artists such as Ebe Dancel and Hilera’s Chris Padilla at  some  point  in  his career.

Now  signed  to  Island  Records  Philippines,  BLASTER is  ready  to  release new  music  that  strikes a  balance  between remarkable  restraint  and sonic  adventurousness, seemingly  inspired  by  outlandish  personalities  in  music  such  as  Radiohead  and  David  Bowie, and  genres  that  range  from  art  rock  to  space  rock,  funk  to Japanese city  pop.

So  far,  he has currently recorded demos for his upcoming releases, which will see the light of day soon: there’s the deceptively simple “Disko Forever,” which pays tribute to a glorious era in music, while also dressing  it  up  with  woozily  beautiful  things  this  side  of  Krautrock  and  modern  electronica,  and the  lighthearted and gorgeous number “Nararamdaman,” which showcases Blaster’s minimal instrumentation and guitar/bass skills.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter and producer also reveals that he is channeling his daily life experiences and random observations through music, purposefully aligning it with his brooding, socially  aware, and  intimate  worldview.  His  writing  feels  more  personal  and  honest  this  time around—not afraid to create artistic statements that double as confessionals.

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