Friday, May 16, 2014

Handy Hatchbacks: Get a hatchback car for great deals on your next vehicle

Fancy buying a car anytime soon? Why not consider a hatchback, a small car with a large back door that gives you more convenient storage and dynamic use in your daily lifestyle. And pick the best choice around, the Tata Vista INI hatchback from Tata Motors. Let the no.1 car brand from India share more about the handy features and advantages of the Tata Vista. Hatchbacks are:

Cost-efficient. Since hatchbacks have smaller vehicular dimensions and compact engines, they retail for a lower price than the usual car, but still perform the same functions. The Tata Vista is powered by the refined Safire Petrol engine, with a max engine power of 75 IPS at 6000rpm, making it a competent alternative to a sedan. Hatchbacks are also durable but easy to maintain.

Fuel-efficient. Since the hatchback weighs less than some cars and has a compact engine just right for the vehicle, it doesn’t take as much gasoline to fuel your ride. Over the long run you get to save on gas costs even as you drive around. The Vista’s 44-liter fuel tank capacity will go a long way.

Maneuverable but safe. Hatchback cars are shorter and more compact than sedans and SUVs, so they’re easier to drive around. Parking in tight spots and navigating crowded streets are a breeze too. With advanced Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seatbelts, semi-independent rear and front suspension, plus ventilated front disc brakes and a collapsible steering column, the Tata Vista is also a safety-conscious hatchback that keeps you safe as you cruise through the city.

Storage-savvy. Despite being small, hatchbacks pack a punch with their versatile luggage space. Bringing or delivering things from Point A to Point B is made easy with the hatch door in the back, that can accommodate 232L of anything and everything you want to bring around in your car.

Innovative and convenient. A compact car should not mean the passengers get compacted too. The Tata Vista has lots of legroom, streamlined design and rich upholstery, giving the hatchback’s interior a luxe feel. With chrome accents on the grille, stacked taillamps and petal-shaped headlamps, the Vista has a youthful and sporty design. The Vista also has a Centre Instrument Cluster, so the climate control, sound system and mobile phone charger are up front and center. The stereo system also has a bluetooth interface, so tuning in to your fave melodies on your smartphone or mobile device is easy.

Check out the Tata Vista INI hatchback, along with the Tata Manza INI sedan and Tata Xenon 4X4 and 4X2 pick-ups at our Tata Motors showrooms in Marcos Highway, Cainta, Rizal and Barrio Pampanga, Davao City, and more coming soon. For more information visit and like the Facebook page

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