Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Manila Life's first blog contest is up.....

Welcome everyone to my first ever blog contest.  I am new to this so forgive me for my shortcomings... and indulge me as I dig deep, and try to please you my readers....

Why this contest for ladies? Because first, it's been 6 months since I started blogging... yehey I'm still blogging.... second, most of the readers of blogs are 80% female population, lastly, I would like to make some of you happy....

So here goes:

Prizes at stake:
1st Prize - 1- Cocomo Led black bathing suit worth P1,299                                        
                1- Orly gift pack - Lustrous body lotion and Nail Lacquer
                1- House of Glitz GC for Hand Spa w/o manicure
                1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa w/o pedicure
                1- 3 in 1 jewelry holder from House of Bling
                1 - P300 load of your choice

2nd Prize - 1- Cocomo Clothing Sarong
                  1- Orly gift pack - Lustrous body lotion and Nail Lacquer
                  1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa
                  1- Butterfly jewelry holder from House of Bling
                  1 - P100 load of your choice

3rd Prize - 1- Cocomo Clothing Sarong
                 1- House of Glitz GC for Foot Spa
                 1- Mini jewelry holder from House of Bling
                 1- P100 load of your choice

4th Prize - 1- House of Glitz GC for Hand Spa
                 1- Cake
                 1- P100 load of your choice

5th Prize - 1- House of Glitz GC for Hand Spa
                 1- Cake
                 1- P100 load

6th Prize - 1- Cake
                 1 - P100 load

7th Prize - 1 - P100 load
8th Prize - 1 - P100 load
9th Prize - 1 - P100 load
10th Prize - 1 - P100 load

We reserve the right to add additional gifts and prizes as the sponsors and I see fit.

1. You must be a follower of this blog
2. You must be a fan of all my sponsors on their facebook page namely: 
                          Cocomo Clothing
                          House of Glitz Nail Studio
                          House of Bling by Matzang
         We will check.
3. Leave comment and answer the question "How can you make your summer vacation fashionable with
    (choose any 2 from our sponsors list to be included in your answer)? 
    (please post your email as well so that we may contact you in case you win.)
4. 3 most creative and best answers will win the top 3 prizes... the next 7 prizes will be raffled through (we will indicate per entry with a no. then use
5. The judges decision is final
6. Winners will be posted here on the site so please check regularly, and will also be contacted through their email and prizes will be delivered to you anywhere in the Philippines.
7. You may send as many entries as you wish but winners can only win once. (to give chance to others.)
     ( more entries more chances of winning)
8. Contest starts on March 22, 2010 and will end on April 10, 2010 (11:59 pm) and winners will be posted soon after.
9. This contest is open for Philippine residents only.

I would like to thank our sponsors, Cocomo Clothing, House of Glitz Nail Studio, House of Bling by Matzang, Orly Philippines by Sprint Asia Logistics, Enchanted Giftshop located at 815 Ongpin St. (for your jewelry needs)

Good luck to all of you...... and thanks for supporting this blog.... for more promos and prizes...


  1. I'm your newest follower, I found you through Friday follow! Only it's Sunday now! Do I still count?

    I hope you will come follow my blog out as well!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Stonibert!

    I just can't help but join your contest, I saw the swimsuits from Cocomo and wow I can't stop thinking about them specially those Safari monokinis, and reversible swimwear. I would definitely look more gorgeous sashaying those swimsuits on my summer getaway at Anvaya Cove or anywhere else actually. I'm so drooling over here they just look fabulous and perfectly suited for me! Haha! I would love to wear one! I'm such a swimsuit addict!

    And oh those fabulous blings from the house of blings are gorgeous! I love bangles, cuffs, and armlets. The designs are just lovely. It will definitely make a wardrobe complete with the wow factor.

    Wearing the swimsuit and the blings on my summer getaway would definitely make me look like a gorgeous goddess on any beach in the world! I want them! I hope I'll win. :)

    Great contest Stonibert awesome prizes too. Goodluck!

    Is there an early bird prize! Haha!

  3. I'm back with my second entry! :)

    Did I tell you that I'm also a spa addict? How can you flaunt your lovely figure with a sexy swimsuit and lovely blings if your nails are ugly and dirty right?

    A hand and foot spa at the House of Glitz will definitely make the fashionable summer goddess look complete especially if you top those perfectly cleaned nails with the lovely nail colors from Orly!

  4. Hello

    I am a follower of this blog (check)
    I am also a fan of your four sponsors (check)

    Summer Time! Boracay Time!
    I need the funky animal print bathing suit from Cocomo Clothing. With its fashionable design, its only fitting that my nail colors would strike cool colors too with Orly Bloom collection.
    What a way to pose for a summer photo!

  5. Posted your promo on my blog. If only the prizes weren't for girls, I'd join this promotion hehe. But I'll let my GF join this

  6. I am a follower of your blog.
    I am also a fan of all your sponsor.

    How can you make your summer vacation fashionable with Cocomo because i know i will look good on any of their swimsuit and match it with my House of Bling jewelries. i am sure i will caught one of the cute guys attention and my summer would be the most unforgettable.

  7. Hello,

    I'm wondering where are the first post/entries??

  8. Ladies I believe the disqus server is down.... it should be up in a while, they have posted that they have downtime on their server.... don't worry I have all your entries in my email...

    Encourage your friends and family to join in.... maybe they are also lucky... Thanks for supporting this contest

  9. Cocomo Clothing perfect suit for great summer get away to flatter any figure, show off your best assets and conceal the others. aiming for a balanced silhouette together with fantastics accessories House of Bling by Matzang that will flaunt your bods all the way to attract everyone's attention :)))))

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hello,

    For sure I will re-post my 1st entry again.

    I am already your blog follower before.
    I am a big fan now of your sponsor's.

    How can you make your summer vacation fashionable with?

    In my head I hear a humming,
    Summer, summer, summer's coming,
    Soon we're going on vacation,
    But there is a complication,
    Day by day the problem's growing-
    What fashion and style yet keep on trying!

    As summer approaches, the weather gets hot,
    and women face something that we'd rather not.
    And Oh!thanks to Manila Life for his 1st blog contest,
    Maybe this is the solution, so I wanna try it!

    It's summer time again, time to expose some skin,
    and reveal those nails, I wanna make it all sparkling,
    For sure it’s all for a sparkling show!
    Then match it with bangles, earrings, necklaces, a ring and bling from HOUSE OF BLING,
    With a dangle, a shake, a sway, a click and cling!

    Oh! A summer fashionista! How I loved it!

    Isn't so obvious how excited I am to make my summer vacation a fashionable?
    To express it in a poem?=)

    CONGRATS MANILA LIFE for your 1st Blog Contest!



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