Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Exquisite Style and Effortless Simplicity with LG

With design and style, fads come and go. From bell bottoms, to shoulder pads, to mullets, some fads are best left forgotten to the sands of time. Even technology is not immune. There was a time where having beepers, robot dogs, and zip drives were all the rage. The difference here perhaps is that with tech, it’s always in the pursuit of something better, of innovating to get to the next level.

Minimalist design on the other hand, is timeless. As fads cycle out through the decades, the sheer simplicity, efficiency, and brilliance of minimalism withstands the test of time. With all of the innovations that technology has developed over the years, we’ve come back full circle. At the end of the day, there’s really nothing like the exquisite style that clean lines offers you. Less is more.

This drive for simplicity is something that global leader and technology innovator LG Electronics has taken to heart. They’ve recognized the need for simple, efficient design and married it with the technological advances that they’ve innovated throughout the decades. State-of-the-art features, such as connectivity and multifunctionality are integrated to their home appliances without sacrificing their clean and compact design.

Consider LG’s 88″ OLED TV. This massive TV is innovation on the grandest scale. It offers unparalleled depth, detail and high resolution of over 33 million pixels. It utilizes LG’s α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor 8K that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning, and a host of other future-proof capabilities. It is also only 2” thick, ensuring that it never gets in the way even in smaller homes.

LG’s Styler is yet another innovation that fits in any home. The Styler gives you the ability to refresh garments in minutes with its smart wi-fi enabled steam clothing care system. It maintains a sleek and elegant silhouette to seamlessly blend with the design of your interiors. It’s easily integrated into your smart home. There’s no need to add yet another remote control that will just end up as clutter. You can control LG Styler from your phone by using the SmartThinQ® app to check remaining cycle time, download cycles, and more.

Technology is always in flux and evolves by the minute. But by employing timeless design in all of its home appliances and electronics, LG is able to be always relevant, always in style, and always at the cusp of innovation.

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