Thursday, February 6, 2020

Four Tips to Actually Keep Your New Year's Resolutions This 2020

A new year’s resolution is a great way to kick off your year but let’s be honest, goal setting is one of the things that are easier said than done. You may have started with some steps toward your goal this January but research shows that 45% of people don’t succeed in keeping their new year’s resolutions on track. Maintaining motivation is doable as long as you create a game plan on how to approach any roadblocks keeping you from your best year yet.

Remind yourself why
Other than being inspired by a new beginning, a New Year’s Resolution is usually rooted from a desire to change old habits or to form new and healthy ones. The first tip to being consistent with your New Year’s Resolution is to always keep your reasons in mind to not get blindsided by distractions. To help you with this, create a vision board that can be seen every morning to start the day with the intention of accomplishing your goal.

Plan and update your timeframe
Tracking your goals is an effective system to help when you feel off, which is completely normal.
With that, keep a tracker to list your goals such as exercising for a certain number of hours a day. Physically seeing your progress and how far you’ve come is an extra boost that can keep you going. You can come across hundreds of free and printable goal tracker templates online!

Celebrate wins
Whether it’s big or small, a win is a win and should be celebrated. You can give yourself a pat at the back when you reach milestones such as getting through another week or month of keeping at it with your resolutions. Also keep in mind that forming new habits takes time, so another way you can reward yourself is to take a rest and relax for a little while. With the Wind-Free function of the Samsung Premium Inverter Wind-Free Plus Air Conditioner, you are sure to get cool air without the harsh air for a good night’s sleep. Also set up your oil burner or diffuser with some essential oils to destress and have a relaxing time. Think of it as investing in yourself and your goals!

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Set up your environment for success
If one of your goals this year is to be healthier, make yourself hydrated by keeping water accessible to you at all times. Buy a 1-liter insulated water bottle that keeps water cool wherever you carry it. If you want to prepare healthy meals for yourself but you’re finding it difficult to do, you can purchase the necessary items that can serve as a great investment in the long run. Quickly prepare easy and nutritious meals with a Samsung Smart Oven before a workday or workweek to make it easier to be consistent with your healthy habits! Spending money on such items can make it easier for you to keep yourself dedicated to your goal.

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