Thursday, November 28, 2019

The holiday rush and banking errands are definitely not a good mix.

Yesterday, I dropped by the bank to deposit and transfer money. But what usually takes only around five to 10 minutes became an hour of waiting in line. There were only two tellers present to serve around 20 people when I came in.

I knew banks are extra busy around this time of the year so I kept postponing my banking errands for a week to avoid the long lines. But I had no choice but to endure it until yesterday as I had to meet payment deadlines.
Because of the long delay, I had to skip lunch just to wait in line...that really made me very grouchy, who isn't especially on an empty stomach.  I had to quickly rush back to the office to make sure I got in before my lunch break finishes.  Now I had to squeeze in my lunch in 5 minutes just to make it in time.

Really that is a waste of time, and when you’re on a tight schedule like me, getting stranded in the bank for an hour can be so frustrating and troublesome especially when you have to carve out from the little time you have to catch up on missed errands and obligations.

I was ranting about this setback to a co worker when she told me about GCash, a virtual mobile wallet that allows you to do your banking business anytime, anywhere. "What! You can do that now?" I told her, how come I did not know about this.  With hesitating, I downloaded the GCash app, got my account verified an there she goes! 

Tinkering with my newly downloaded GCash app, I learned that it can, indeed, make my life easier, which means fewer trips to the banks and no more waiting for hours in long lines. What’s more, I can download and use GCash on both my Globe and Smart phones because it works on all carriers. 

GCash has many convenient and hassle-free features: it allows you to pay your utility bills, open a savings account with fewer requirements, borrow money and donate to charitable organizations all from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. 

Most important of all, GCash allows you to send money or transfer cash in an instant from one bank account to another on a 24-7 basis without worrying about security. You can also transfer money from your GCash account to a bank account—all for free! 

The entire process—from cashing in your GCash wallet to moving money to another account—takes less than 10 minutes, a far cry from the time you spend in traditional banks. 

The holidays aren’t over and so are my banking errands. Good thing, I now have GCash to avoid banking delays. 

Thank you GCash for making our lives better!

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