Saturday, November 9, 2019

Jessica Zafra's latest book is now available at Fully Booked, Shopee, and other stores

From the author of the Twisted series comes a collection of 27 stories from the last 27 years. The Collected Stories of Jessica Zafra contains award-winning fiction from Manananggal Terrorizes Manila (1992) and The Stories So Far (2014), plus new stories and an introduction by Don Jaucian.

“Jessica is a natural short story writer, and I don’t know anyone else in the Philippines writing in English who does it as well as she does. The fact that she’s a Filipina couldn’t matter less. She would be recognised anywhere on earth that good English is read. But of course in this fatuous world the unmerited hegemony of “English” literature (including of course American, Canadian, Australian, etc. etc.) reminds us that it still fancies itself as the arbiter of the Real Thing. But plenty of us round-eyes know that’s baloney, and JZ provides us with ammunition to stand up in public and say so.”  – James Hamilton-Paterson, Whitbread Award-winning author of Gerontius, Playing With Water, Seven-Tenths, Ghosts of Manila, and the bestselling Cooking With Fernet Branca and Empire of the Clouds.

The Collected Stories of Jessica Zafra is published by Ateneo University Press. SRP P345. Now available at Fully Booked stores, Solidaridad, Popular Bookstores, the Ateneo University Press bookshop, Loyola Bookshop, and on Shopee. Coming soon at Mt.Cloud Bookshop in Baguio and other outlets.

Book signings and author talks will be announced soon. Follow @jessicazafrascats on Instagram and the JessicaRulestheUniverse Facebook page for announcements and updates.

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