Monday, October 28, 2019

Stronger Philippines-Japan economic ties create more demand for MBA holders

GLOBIS University, the No.1 MBA school in Japan, looks forward to enhancing the skills of Filipino students through its Full-time, Part-time, and Online programs.

Japan is fast-becoming the country of choice for international students. According to the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), the country's international student population grew by 12% in 2019 with at least 31,938 fresh enrollees last year.  More Filipinos have been coming to Japan to study. The number increased from 1,806 in 2018 to 2,389 students in 2019 .

As of 2019, there are currently over 140,000 international students taking advanced degrees in Japan. The influx of international students is attributed to Japan being an attractive prospect for work and studies. The number of foreign students granted working visas has risen over the years-- from 11,040 back in 2008, it more than doubled in 2017, registering 22,419 applicants .

Demand for international students continues to be brisk for Japanese companies as they seek to train potential future leaders of foreign subsidiaries. At the same time, Japanese universities race to establish programs for the benefit of these students . These efforts reflect the success of Japanese schools in global education rankings as well as its efforts to further strengthen economic relations across the Asia Pacific region.

As Japan continues to emerge as a gateway for global careers, a growing number of Japanese business schools are attracting more foreign students, with regional hiring in the Asia Pacific region posting at 18 percent .

Filipinos are set to benefit from the growing regional trend. The signing of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) has encouraged more Japanese companies to invest in and expand existing projects in the country. JPEPA is bringing in a total of USD1.24 billion to manufacturing, agriculture, retail, real estate, automotive, as well as education .

In Japan, qualified MBA holders are highly sought after . Studying and working in Japan enable Filipino students to learn necessary skills that their careers demand and open doors to more opportunities. They return to the country as well-rounded professionals with a global business mindset.

A leading business education provider and the No.1 MBA school in Japan, GLOBIS has helped over 1 million business professionals across the world further their careers through its corporate training programs. Focusing on practicality, business experts as lecturers teach Technovate course series to equip students to lead in a rapidly changing business world.

A combination of “technology” and “innovate”, Technovate courses deliver cutting-edge content and arm MBA students with the necessary knowledge to harness technology and drive business results.

To date, Japan’s largest business school has taught over 6,000 MBA alumni. 

GLOBIS University offers a Full-time, Part-time and Online MBA program taught in English, which enables students from around the globe to earn their degrees in a diverse and international learning environment.

The GLOBIS Online MBA is a two-year degree program with all classes held in real-time and scheduled for the student’s ease and convenience. The optimized set-up allows lectures and discussions based on diverse insights into international business, which are beneficial for employees working in industries that overlap into international national markets.

Japan is among the countries open to scholarship applications for Filipinos interested in further studies. The GLOBIS’ Full-Time MBA program offers financial support and education loans for Filipino MBA seekers. Through this program, students connect to a global business network, and find job opportunities with the school’s 125 corporate partners.

To find out more about MBA courses at GLOBIS, visit the official website.

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