Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Level up your holiday flights with Delta

It’s been quite a long 2019, filled with challenges overcome, goals met, promises fulfilled, and a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s finally time to think of yourself. And there is no better reward for a productive year than a relaxing trip.

Delta knows how much you are looking forward to that long holiday vacation. That’s why it’s making sure that each moment you spend with them is a comfortable and happy experience.

Get a wholly reinvented international Main Cabin Service

Starting November 5, the airline debuts its industry-leading Main Cabin experience. Passengers get free “Welcome Aboard” cocktails featuring Bellini, hot towel service, and mix-and-match options for premium appetizers and larger entrees.

These enhancements were borne out of rigorous reviews of the service through nearly 14,000 hours of flight time from over 1,800 customer surveys and crew feedback. A design team made up of 24 flight attendants also gave their input to perfect the innovative service of Delta’s international flights.

Apart from these, Delta has provided specialized training to its team of more than 3,000 Pursers, who are the lead flight attendants on international flights. Responsible for the customer experience from nose to tail, the Purser has been elevated to include pre-flight introductions in the gate house and personal greetings at the boarding door. This shows just how important connections between crew and customers are important to the airline.

In addition to the recently upgraded amenity kits, more international onboard enhancements are coming soon including refreshed earbuds and headsets. This is in line with Delta’s commitment to creating a best-in-class experience all customers can look forward to.

Simplify your travel with the upgraded Fly Delta app

With its many convenient features, customers can worry less about checking in, securing luggage, or even satisfying cravings while onboard.

Later this year, Delta will expand its auto-check-in feature, which is already popular with its domestic customers, to include international flights.

Confirmed Delta passengers will be checked in automatically 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure. Customers will receive an alert via email or push notification, open the app, input or confirm passport information, and their boarding pass will be there along with everything they need for their flight.

Once inside the app, customers can access the “Today” mode to easily add checked bags, change seats and purchase upgrades.

Popular pre-select meal program

By browsing through the Fly Delta app, Delta One customers will be able to select their preferred meal 21 days prior to their trip. Customers will also be able to select meals for others travelling under the same reservation.

As the trip gets closer, Delta One passengers who haven’t yet made a meal selection will receive an email, reminding them to select an entrée. From there, they’ll be driven to the “Trip Overview” screen in the Fly Delta app to browse their entrée options and pick their favorite plate. You can make changes to your selection up to 24 hours prior to your trip.

Secure your luggage with Delta’s RFID bag tag technology

First deployed in 2016, Delta’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) baggage tracking technology provides customers with improved real-time tracking of luggage throughout the travel experience. This is a first for US carriers.

With RFID, customers will get to track their bags on and off the aircraft during their journey via push notifications to the Fly Delta mobile app.

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