Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Customize your child’s play with PROMIL® FOUR’s Pop-up Theatre kit

In every family, each child has a unique personality and interest. And as a parent, you’ve probably observed that one kid may happily play with toys, while another one can spend hours drawing with a pencil, sketching to his heart’s content.

Luckily, there is an easier way to nurture your child’s gift! Introducing PROMIL Four’s Pop-up Theatre book, a customizable kit that allows kids to play and learn at the same time. Avail this kit with every purchase of PROMIL® Four 1.8kg in select stores nationwide.

And because PROMIL® Four believes that nurturing the gift starts with discovering it, the book is best paired with PROMIL® Four’s Spot the Gift test (, a tool that is designed to help parents discover their child’s innate gift.

According to Aci Bornea, mother of two girls, PROMIL® Four’s Pop-Up Theatre is truly one-of-a-kind. “I know that PROMIL Four is there with me every step of the way as it consistently nurtures the gifts of my little ones. Through this book, I was surprised that my girls were able to come up with a story almost in an instant,” she said.

Meanwhile, Berlin Domingo loves how her son’s talent shines as he goes through the pages of the Pop-Up Theatre kit. “With such a keen interest in visual arts, he readily invented a story out of the figures. And he must have been so inspired with his new toy that in our next homeschool activities, he drew plenty images seen in the book,” she noted.

Once moms retrieve the results from PROMIL® Four’s Spot the Gift test, it is easier to tailor-fit the pop-up theater according to your child’s particular gift. The book includes drawings of Intramuros in Manila, Chocolate Hills in Bohol, Mt. Apo in Davao, and a little kid’s bedroom filled with toys and books.

Children will surely have the most memorable experience playing with this Pop-Up Theater kit as it encourages creativity and imagination.

Be it art, dance, music, or theatre, PROMIL® Four continuously enables parents to help nurture their child’s gift, so they can bring out the best in them.

PROMIL® FOUR believes that every child is born with a gift, and they deserve nothing but the best care to help nurture that potential for their success. Customize your child’s playtime depending on his unique gift with PROMIL® Four’s “My Little Play: A Pop-up Theatre” kit.

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