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Get all around protection for your teeth with Gumtect!

How much do you love your teeth?  That is one question we should all ask ourselves.  As we go through our daily lives, eating and munching in our day to day activities, just as soon as we wake up or just when we are about to sleep, our teeth plays a major role in making our lives better in every way.
I am a self confessed deprived child, why so?  When many of my fellow childhood friends do have regular, like I mean at least twice a year visits to the dentist, I only go to the dentist when my teeth actually hurts, my first aid when my teeth aches? Well, my mom hahaha!!  She is the dentist in our house, when you say to her that one of my tooth is loose, she just says "Let's see that" and there she goes just grabbing that loose tooth and yanking it out and just like that I lost a tooth!

Yes I am not sure about everybody else's childhood but my teeth are the last of the worries of my parents, so here I am not blessed with great looking, or yet aligned teeth, I believe I have one of the worst teeth alignment in my age, but I am glad to say I still have an almost complete set with no dentures whatsoever.  

So just recently I attended a talk about teeth and gum care, and how it affects one's life in almost all aspects of things, do you feel that even a little sting in your teeth affects your over all being, causing head aches, body aches, that literally you can't even move any part of your body, that is how the nerves on your teeth and gums can affect you.

Then we were introduced to Gumtect.  The newest line of teeth and gum care products to enter the Philippine market.  Gumtect brings to us Gumtect with Gumshield, the gum care toothpaste which helps prevent "singaw", Gumtect with Gumshield has Allantoin that stimulates growth of new tissue, Vitamin E which soothes and moisturizes, Triclean which reduces inflammation and inhibits bacterial growth and Active Anti-Cavity Protection for all around mouth, teeth and gum care.

Now that's a mouthful I would say,  for people with sensitive nerves on their teeth, Gumtect also brings us Gumtect Sensitive with Dynamic Desensitizing System that helps prevent tooth sensitivity, remember the last time you took a mouthful of ice cream, then there it goes. argh, the pain!  Gumtect with they Dynamic Desensitizing System (DDS) helps prevent the pain caused by sensitive teeth as it protects the exposed dentin of the teeth, also has Gumshield+ and an active Anti-Cavity Protection formula, you are sure that Gumtect provides you the best all around protection for your teeth and gums!

Just like #TheKramers , with the video above they let us realize the pain and discomfort of having sensitive teeth, so let us take care of our teeth with Gumtect.

We were joined by the #TheKramers in discovering what Gumtect can do to protect our teeth, and in the process learning to protect them as we age every year.

Brushing Trivia - Do you know that you are not supposed to brush your teeth just after eating?  You have to wait at least 30 minutes to brush your teeth as brushing after eating will rub off the necessary enamel coating that our teeth naturally has, thus making your teeth more susceptible to damage.  So remember the next time you brush after your meal, please wait for at least 30 minutes.

But as much as we would love to keep our teeth clean and bacteria free, that are still areas in our mouth that are hard to reach, and brushing our teeth just won't do the job.  So Gumtect saw that weakness in brushing and brought us Gumtect Sensitve Mouthwash, for those hard to reach areas of our mouth and teeth, to give us that overall protection that our teeth and mouth deserves, after all, they do the heavy task of helping us enjoy our food with every bite.

Gumtect Gum Care Toothpaste, and Gumtect Sensitive Toothpaste are products of Lamoiyan Corporation, the makers of Happy Gold.

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