Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jameson Irish Whiskey: Party With Something Irish This Holiday

For every Filipino, the Holiday Season is a time for connecting with family and friends. Those of us who work abroad try to make it home for the holidays, and it seems that every barkada, organization, or office has its own party.
This year, let another player join the happy holiday fray: Jameson Irish Whiskey, the leader of the remarkably fast growing Irish whiskey market. The iconic brand is now making headway as one of the drinks of choice at holiday parties, especially those organized by the big boys.

Not your typical New Year’s party
One of the things the Irish are known for is their love for parties, and sometimes a party needs a little extra kick to take it up to a whole new level.
For that, whiskey is the tipple of choice, and Jameson Irish Whiskey fits the bill nicely. Triple distilled for exceptional smoothness, this whiskey is surprisingly mellow, with deliciously lingering sherry undertones. Despite its characteristically distinct flavor, Jameson is a versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed many ways- neat or on the rocks, in cocktails, mixed in with ginger ale, or as a shot with a side of beer.
This lively Irish whiskey would be a shoe-in for parties that want to break away from the typical, more structured parties that are so popular during the holidays. Rather than prepare a sit-down, four-course diner, why not dress the event down and plan a barbecue-style potluck instead?
A more relaxed get-together gives the host and their guests more opportunities to simply enjoy each others’ presence, and leads to long, comfortable conversations that will continue to warm one’s heart long after the holiday decorations have been put away.
To pull this off, all you have to do is to ask every guest to bring a side dish to share, while you, as host, prep the barbecue and the main dishes. When they arrive, gather all the dishes on a main table, fiesta-style, and have guests serve themselves. You can simply take your time and mingle, rather than spend all evening racing back and forth to the kitchen, frazzled and exhausted.
Jameson whiskey is an excellent complement to such a party. It pairs well with most food, and it’s easy to whip up a simple set of cocktails that would appeal to most tastes. A popular choice is to mix one part Jameson original with three parts Sprite or ginger ale and some lime. This makes an easy, tasty drink that goes well with almost anything- especially company!
A fine finishing touch
Just before the year ends, Jameson has released the second of its line of fine whiskeys to make its debut in the Philippines: Jameson Black Barrel.
This particular whiskey is created in charred barrels to infuse it with intensified notes of vanilla sweetness and caramel, alongside toasted wood, fruit, and warm spice.
Jameson Black Barrel’s standard remains the same: a triple distilled blend of rich pot still and grain whiskey that is matured in a mixture of sherry casks and bourbon barrels. Unlike the rest of the range the bourbon barrels an additional charring. It’s a painstaking process, but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the extra effort.
This excellent, and yet still relatively unknown, version of Jameson whiskey is a great selection if you’re looking for something unique to make your party stand out in the minds of your guests.
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