Sunday, September 3, 2017

Boost Your Office Network With The DAP-2230 Wireless N PoE Access Point

Building a business system isn’t easy building one that’s robustly connected is even harder. Today’s tech-savvy world means that businesses need to step up their game constantly in order to beat the competition, and without High-performance Wireless Connectivity, it’s impossible to emerge on top. 

Thankfully, the DAP-2230 Wireless N PoE Access Point lets you extend your network and enjoy wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps for all your high-demand business applications. Now, boosting your small-to-medium enterprise environment has never been more efficient and more secure.

With its strong security and authentication features, the DAP-2230 Wireless N PoE Access Point boasts of MAC address filtering, wireless LAN segmentation, SSID broadcast disable, rogue AP detection, and wireless broadcast scheduling so that you can rest assured that your business wireless network is fully protected. Network Access Protection (NAP) further lets network administrators determine customized levels of network access depending on a client’s specific need, and with a more manageable QoS, network admins have the option to select customized priority rules. The Wi-Fi Multimedia™ (WMM) Quality of Service (QoS) feature uses the level of interactive streaming to determine which network traffic activity to prioritize, whether the activity is VoIP or streaming HD movies. No longer will your different department teams have to vie for internet access when they’re conferencing this type of load balancing can limit users per access point, ensuring maximum capacity performance for each dedicated user.
Not only can the DAP-2230 Wireless N PoE Access Point function as a Wireless Distribution System (WDS) with Access Point, but it can also be configured to be used as a WDS/ Bridge or a Wireless Client. This type of flexibility can also be seen in its simple and easy-to-use mounting brackets, whether you want your access point to be on the ceiling, on the wall, or on a desktop. The device can also be installed in locations where power outlets may not always be readily available you can use the DAP-2230 PoE feature (Power over Ethernet) where data and power are transmitted through a UTP cable. The D-Link Central WiFi Manager (CWM-100) can also provide network administrators with remote means to manage and monitor their wireless access points on the same network or through internet. This is a FREE software to help manage the DAP-2230 and other D-Link Business APs, up to 1000 APs without any license charges. Finally, the innovative Wireless Scheduler can turn off wireless broadcast when a schedule is set say, between 9pm-7am when the office is closed to save power.
It’s time to up the ante with your business network. You can make your office connection a wireless powerhouse with the DAP-2230 Wireless N PoE Access Point at only Php 5,714. Is there any reason to lag behind? Let D-Link help you reach your wireless potential today.
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