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Hanabishi Shares Tips For The Rainy Season

The rainy season is expected to last a few more months. Besides torrential rains, everyone is warned against strong winds and flooding and advised to stay warm and safe.
Number one homegrown appliance manufacturer Hanabishi supports practical parents in looking after the family during this season of unpredictable weather. With its quality yet budget-friendly appliances, Hanabishi hopes to enable families to stay safe and healthy, especially since more typhoons are expected to hit the country in the months ahead.

Be fully informed
Stormy weather brings not just heavy rains but flooding as well. With classes and work getting suspended on such occasions, people are forced to stay indoors.
Besides using the opportunity to catch up on chores and much-needed R&R, seize the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest information, particularly about the weather. Monitor weather updates and watch news programs on a Hanabishi LED TV.
Hanabishi’s range of high-definition TVs features 1366×768 pixels to 1920×1080 pixels for full HD capability, able to provide clear images and sharp details. These slim TVs are available in 20- to 50-inch models, with prices starting at Php6,499.
Make indoor time more fun, particularly for the younger ones, with a movie or two. Hanabishi LED TVs boast enhanced color imaging and audio equalizer for a superb viewing experience.
Stock on food
Upon learning of incoming inclement weather, it is always best to prepare for what might happen. In addition to securing the house and other belongings, store food, water, medicines and other emergency items. Even if a market or grocery store is just a stone’s throw away, it is important to be ready for any emergency during a stormy weather such as brownouts or flooding, which will keep the family indoors.
When buying foods for these situations, non-perishable items constitute a priority. Hence, most mothers stock up with canned goods and items with a long shelf life such as dried fish. Others also buy packs of processed foods such as frozen meats, which can be kept in the freezer for some time. But to factor in the possibility of power outages, some may store ice in plastic bags in the freezer and transfer them to an ice chest.
Hanabishi’s line of refrigerators features advanced cooling system, high cooling efficiency and bigger freezer storage space to let practical moms ensure the family has enough food supply to outlast a tropical storm or several days of heavy monsoon rains. The bigger freezer space also helps produce more ice in anticipation of brownouts. Some units even have a separate freezer, ideal for storing food without consuming more power. The refrigerators are likewise equipped with mechanical temperature control that allows easier temperature adjustment depending on the contents of the fridge.
Available in six models – the HAMDDREF 48, 38 and 28 and HADDREF 75, 90 and 75 NOF – Hanabishi refrigerators adopt an energy-saving design. High-end units come with an external condenser for better cooling without increasing energy consumption.
Stay warm
What better way to spend a rainy day indoors than with a bowl of soup while huddled together with the rest of the family. Besides staying nourished, the time together will bring the family closer than ever.
Hanabishi’s new induction cooker makes it easier for practical moms to prepare a warm meal for the family even during a stormy day. It makes cooking twice as fast by efficiently conducting heat toward the cooking pot. Hanabishi’s induction cooker is equipped with five cooking functions–soup, braise, boil, fry and hot pot– so even amateur cooks can come up with new dishes. A more advanced induction cooker can support slow fire, fierce fire and even deep frying for experimenting in the kitchen.
Proven to deliver 80 percent more cooking efficiency, Hanabishi induction cookers are available in two variants. Hanabishi HIC 90 and HIC 200 induction cookers feature a high-quality ceramic plate and an LED display. These slim cookers have auto overheat cut off, adjustable power level and timer control.
Keep clothes clean and dry
With continuous rains, another challenge for mothers is managing the laundry. Clothes that do not dry under the sun or are made to dry indoors can smell bad.
Make rainy-day laundry work less of a hassle with Hanabishi washing machines, which come in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual variants. Some units feature air drying, which not only makes drying faster and easier but is gentle on the clothes and causes fewer wrinkles.
Hanabishi Washing Machine Twin Tub variants have a durable, rust- and rat-proof body and low-noise design. They can handle more than 11kg of clothes, ensuring there will be enough clean clothes to keep the family warm on cold, rainy nights. With 5 models to choose from, Hanabishi’s Twin Tub variants vary between Oceanic and Marine series.
The Oceanic series of washing machines includes the HWM 2115, HWM 210 and HWM 270, which are all available in red and blue models. The Marine series, meanwhile, includes the HWM 285 and 268 washing machines.
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