Friday, March 17, 2017

Flavors Of The World: Indonesia

Spiral brings the sizzling flavors of Wonderful Indonesia with its latest culinary series, Flavors of the World. The first in its latest series of epicurean offers, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila presents Chef Pradipta Bayu Primaputra of Hotel Pullman Jakarta, Indonesia as guest chef for this limited engagement designed to ignite your taste buds.

Chef Pradipta Bayu Primpaputra grew up in vibrant Jakarta where his interest, deep appreciation and passion for Indonesian cuisine were cultivated. He pursued his love for food with experience enriched by attachments with Ritz Carlton Doha and the capital’s most prestigious catering company and provider of choice for culinary requirements for dignitaries and state visitors, Culture Royale. Chef Pradipta will introduce heritage recipes rooted from Javanese, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Balinese cuisine. Be part of this culinary journey that showcases the rich use of fresh herbs and spices innovatively combined for a truly flavorful gastronomic experience.

Feast on culinary favorites from the Emerald of the Equator including the flavorful noodle dishes including the spicy Mie Goreng and the wok-fried vermicelli noodle and vegetables, Bihun Goreng. Satays are among the favorite Indonesian dishes with tasty marinated meat on skewers grilled to perfection with a mix of exotic herbs. Other featured dishes include the Beef Rendang Padang, a beef stew cooked in coconut cream and a variety of spices; Nasi Goreng presents a flavorful interpretation of fried rice mixed with either fish, lamb or stink bean. Indonesian cuisine has in its rich selection the different types of sambal, a tasty and spicy concoction thick in texture made from shallots, garlic, hot chili paste and terasi or shrimp paste. Feast on enriching varieties of Beef Empal, a sliced beef dish with coriander, palm sugar and tamarind; Tumis Kacang Panjang Dan Ebi, a vegetable dish with sautéed spicy potato, long bean, shrimp and pete; and Es Tebak, a colourful dessert of shredded avocado, jack fruit, ice and milk.

Celebrate the wonderful flavors of Indonesia as Spiral features an enhanced selection from its Asian stations available for lunch and dinner from March 13 to 19, 2017 with rates at Php2,650 nett and Php3,100 nett respectively.

Put your chef’s hat on and learn how to make choice Indonesian dishes including Kambing Guling (oven-baked lam and Indonesian herbs), Ayam Taliwang (spicy grilled chicken, Lombok style), Bebek Betutu (roasted duck with Bali spices), Ikan Dabu-dabu (deep-fried fish with Dabu-dabu sauce), Rendang Padang (beef with coconut) and Iga Balado (beef rib with spices). Under the tutelage of Chef Pradipta, sign up for Spiral’s exclusive cooking class on the 14th of March 2017 at 4pm with rates set at Php1,500nett per person. Limited seats are available. Kindly book your participation early to guarantee reservation.

Witness the culinary expertise of Chef Pradipta as he prepares signature dishes right before your very eyes in the exclusive Chef’s Table. The engagement features a 4-course menu including Gado- Gado (fresh boiled vegetables with peanut sauce), Sate Lilit (lemongrass and prawn sate with sambal matah), Soto Ayam Madura (yellow chicken broth with glass noodle and boiled egg), Ayam Bakar Bumbu Rujak with Tumis Buncis and Udang (grilled chicken with coconut, chili and herb, sautéed string bean, prawn, with steamed rice in banana leaf), and Kolak Pisang with Buah Segar (stewed banana in brown sugar with sliced fruits). Experience animated dining from the Davao-Boracay Interactive Show Kitchen on the 15th of March 2017 at 6pm. Rate is set at Php4,200nett per person.

For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 (02) 832 6988 or email

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