Sunday, August 2, 2015

Nike Rise : Episode One - A New Journey Begins

The first episode is the beginning of the Nike Rise Journey, introducing the 24 kids who have been selected from the regional try-outs across the Philippines.  Coach Chot Reyes meets the 24 for the first time in Manila, and training begins in the House of Rise with Paul George. 

This episode highlights the stories of some of the 24.  As the kids start their journey, there will be many who do not believe they can make it.  They may have failed before, have disabilities, not be tall enough, come from the 'wrong' backgrounds.  They will also be raw and lacking discipline and training.
Into this comes Paul George , and all-round talent, he has been called the best two-way layer in the game, but this was not always the case.  The NBA's most improved player, he knows what it takes to improve rapidly, and is perfect for helping kids start from scratch.  He will establish a base level of skill so kids trust themselves on court.

Likewise, his story of recovery and determination - starting over, coming back stronger - will make them believe they can succeed in a similar manner.  

Showing on TV5 every Sunday.

See the trailer for Ep 1:

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