Thursday, November 6, 2014

San Diego's Kid Film Festival 2014 Animated winner “HOUSE OF MAGIC” in local cinemas

The family and children’s adventure animated movie “The House of Magic” that won Best Animated Feature in this year’s San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival that was also nominated at Seattle International Film as “2014 Films For Families Youth Jury Award,” introduces Thunder, an abandoned kitten who stumbles into an old mansion. 

Seeking shelter from a storm, abandoned young cat Thunder sneaks into a mysterious mansion owned by retired magician Lawrence, aka “The Illustrious Lorenzo”.  Lawrence shares his fairy-tale world with many animals and a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos capable of whipping up breakfast while rolling out a spectacular song-and-dance routine.

He soon makes Thunder feel welcome, but Jack the rabbit and Maggie the mouse start plotting to get him kicked out. When Lawrence ends up in the hospital, his nephew tries to trick him into selling the house. But its ragtag inhabitants develop a spooky strategy to defend their home. They turn their house into a haunted mansion, using Thunder as their secret weapon.

Described ( as a unique story with great humor, positive values and universal appeal,  Geoffrey MacNab likewise credits  the movie’s  Belgian director and 3D pioneer Ben Stassen as a modern-day Georges Méliès, a film-maker working in Brussels whose animated features compete on almost level terms with those made by Pixar and Dreamworks.

While Liz Whittemore of  The says that “'Thunder and the House of Magic' will put a spell on the entire family. This film is a heartwarming story of friendship and belonging, with a soundtrack that makes you want to get up and dance! Filled with a colorful cast of memorable characters, everyone will fall in love.' Thunder and The House of Magic' is a joy.”

“The House of Magic” will open very soon in cinemas from CrystalSky Multimedia.

Check the movie’s trailer here:

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